Tattooed Dad Says Parents Are 'Scared' of Him | 22 Words

A man who has dedicated his life to being fully tattooed has opened up about the repercussions his image has had on his children.

Just wait until you see his photos...

Now, for many, tattoos and piercings are a definition of character.

People enjoy expressing themselves through body art and modifications... Because who cares what others think?

And as anyone with a tattoo or body piercing can agree...

They can become seriously addictive.

More than often, one tattoo or one piercing just isn't enough...


And many find that the fewer modifications they have, the more boring and generic they look overall.

Of course, body mods and tattoos aren't for everyone...

But many people simply can't get enough of altering their appearances.

This can lead people to go to the ultimate extremes...

And one of these people is Karl Roy.

The heavily tattooed dad says other parents won't let their kids near him...

The forty-four-year-old tattoo artist got his first tattoo when he was just fourteen, sparking a lifelong passion for the art form, and resulting in him going to the extreme.

But not everyone agrees with his unique look...

Roy's bizarre look started when he ordered a tattoo machine out of a magazine as a teen, tattooing himself in secret. 


And now, the dad of 4 is covered in tattoos, including his eyes!

On his tattoo journey, he said:

"In my teens, I moved into my parents' basement and started working hard to improve my artwork. I got my first face tattoos in my early twenties and over the years it has been an evolutionary process."

"I completed my face tattoos in my late thirties and am currently almost finishing my body."

"I discovered eyeball tattooing through body modification groups on social media and it was a modification that fascinated me immediately. It was a continuation of my evolution."

"My parents and friends have always supported me but haven't always understood my choices. They would often ask If I was going to be able to get a good job or make a good living."

"Today, however, I run my own studio with my partner, I am fully fulfilled and those close to me now see me beaming."

"Those around me are proud of my progress and know that I am in my element in my studio. Some strangers say horrible things like 'What example are you setting for children?' and 'you should kill yourself.'"

"I now often approach negative or curious people by giving them a business card whilst smiling."

"It's my way of breaking down their prejudices, all in a polite and respectful manner. Seeing the surprise on the faces of our children's friends always makes me smile."

However, he has found that some parents even judge his children over his appearance.

"Some parents keep their children away and even say that I should be ashamed of the way I look. Often it is the parents who are more scared of the way I look than their children."

"It's fear of the unknown that makes people judge others quickly and for children, this unknown does not exist."

And despite his love of tattoos, Karl urges others to think carefully before getting any form of body modification.

He added: "Any type of body modification should not be taken lightly. It is important to inform yourself well, take the time to reflect, and get in touch with professionals. Never shop for the best deal or because a tattoo artist is cheap.

"Educate yourself and follow your intuition. Don't buy a tattoo machine out of a magazine."

What an inspirational guy!