On Monday night, a brave man spoke out about the death of his parents after they were tragically pulled out of the rubble of last week's tragic Miami condo collapse.

Sergio Lozano visited his parents, Antonio and Gladys just hours before the tragic incident that took their lives and twelve others. It has been reported that 149 other people are still missing.


"After dinner, I work early in the mornings and hugged my mom goodnight, kissed my dad, and that was it – no more," he said.

When they had finished their meal, Sergio headed back to his own condo in Champlain East just 2 blocks away from his parents', not thinking that that would be the last time he would see them. He and his wife were woken up by the loud noise at approximately 1:30 AM.

"I thought it was a tornado outside my apartment. I opened the door and I told my wife, 'The building is not there.' She goes, 'What do you mean?' 'The building is gone... My parents' apartment is not there!'" he recalled the dreadful moment when he realized his parents' apartment had crashed to the ground along with several others in Champlain South.

CBS Miami / YouTube

Sergio said he used to be able to see into his parents' kitchen from his own apartment: "I could see my mom cooking from my apartment when night would fall. The kitchen where my dad would sit and watch TV, it wasn't there. It's just like, not normal."

After rescue teams were deployed to the area, officials started hunting for missing residents. But almost a week later and the hope for survivors being pulled out of the carnage alive is dwindling. Sergio told local news channel CBS Miami that authorities told him that they were found in bed and that they had died together.

"That's the end of the romantic story," he said.

Antonio and Gladys first met back in Cuba when they were only twelve years old and after making the journey to the United States, they both got married. Antonio went on to become a banker.

"My dad would say to my mom, 'If you die, I don't even know how to fry an egg, I'm gonna die.' My mom would say, if my dad would die, 'I don't know how to pay the bills.' I always told my mom, 'Don't worry, I will do it. But they died together. It's not fair, being crushed, being destroyed, not fair," Sergio said.

Next month it would have been the pair's fifty-ninth wedding anniversary but instead of there being a big celebration for the milestone, their son will be planning their funeral.

"They're just two amazing people, two totally amazing people," he added.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that's been affected by the tragedy.