Parents Divided After Kids Destroy Make-up Artist Mom's Cosmetics Worth Hundreds of Dollars | 22 Words

All makeup lovers can totally relate to that devastating feeling of an expensive item being broken. But what happens when every single cosmetic item you own gets completely destroyed?

Well, one mom has divided the internet after her children did just that...

Any makeup lovers out there?

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Well, speaking as a makeup fanatic myself, there's nothing quite like the feeling of getting your hands on a brand-new makeup palette or a set of expensive brushes!

There's just something very satisfying about being the owner of many cosmetic items...

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And at the end of the day, makeup is an art form and people can release their inner creativities using just a brush and a palette.

Of course, makeup doesn't come cheap...

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And especially if you're branching out on the higher-end stuff, a makeup palette could set you back a few hundred dollars.

This is why a lot of people earn their money through makeup...

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And if you're especially good enough, you can earn money from simply uploading tutorials and reviews online for others to see.

A lot of influencers do this as part of their job...

However, one particular make-up artist had her livelihood taken from her after her 2 children ruined all of her make-up.

Yep, every single item.

Jaylynn Butler, a mother from Wisconsin, had the shock of her life after she returned home to find out that her 2 kids, aged 3 and 6, had raided her makeup drawer.

Before you jump to any conclusions, the children were left with a babysitter.

A family member was looking after the kids while she and her partner went out for the night, but it's obvious they did not do a good job at making sure they were behaving.

Jaylynn documented her horrifying experience on TikTok...

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And it didn't take long for the comments of shock to come pouring in.

The videos are just as bad as you'd imagine.

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You see Jaylynn being welcomed back home to stained carpets, fingerprints everywhere and all of her make-up splattered all across the bathroom.

It was any make-up artists' worst nightmare.

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There were broken palettes all over the floor and empty bottles thrown into the sink.

Jaylynn and her partner then had the pleasure of cleaning up the mess at the end of the night.

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Now, if you know your stuff, you'll be able to spot a few damaged gems in between the sludge. There were Jeffery Star palettes (which retail at about $58) and Elf and Urban Decay products as well as foundation bottles, racking up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of damage overall.

At one point, she even starts scraping the sludge out of the sink...

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A sight that could make anyone break down into tears if all of those products belonged to them!

The mom-of-2 explained that her kids are usually well-behaved...

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But she explained why they did what they did, with her daughter saying that they were just "playing" after they got bored. Nevertheless, Jaylynn was still very upset to see her most prized possessions completely destroyed.

But thankfully, all was not lost.

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After the video went viral online, people started doing what they could and buying some make-up for the distressed mother.

One particular TikTok user called @lata52577 decided to do the kindest thing ever.

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She sent a "care package" filled with branded cosmetic items including some of the exact eye-shadow palettes that were destroyed that night.

And of course, Jaylynn was shocked... but so thankful.

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The mystery woman even included a lovely, handwritten note, wishing Jaylynn and her family a happy new year.

Jaylynn then posted another video of herself unboxing the goods with tears coming down her face.

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But the most hilarious part of it all was the fact that you can hear her daughter started saying: "It's okay mommy, at least you've got more make-up" to which Jaylynn snaps back: "You don't get to talk."

Have a look at the video for yourself:

I'm glad this story had a happy ending. It just shows how a bit of kindness can really change someone's life altogether. But it also shows that you should never leave your kids unattended by your makeup bag! For more news on random acts of kindness, keep scrolling...