Shoppers Horrified After Parents Dump ‘Flailing’ Baby on Food Hall Floor

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Shoppers were left horrified after they witnessed parents dump their baby on the floor of a mall’s food hall.

The incident was captured by a passerby and shared to TikTok, where it has since been viewed more 2,000 times.

TikTok user, @wclipsto, uploaded the video which showed two parents sat on chairs in the middle of a food court while a baby lay on the floor beside them.

The woman in the video asks in disbelief: “Are they for real for real, or for fake?” while filming the parents who are seemingly paying very little attention to their young child.

The video has sparked quite the debate as people were left horrified by the actions of the parents.

“Really ? All the people commenting it might have been having a tantrum ! It’s a baby not a toddler ! Never mind how clean the floor is those are hard tiles I wouldn’t chance my baby trying to sit up & bashing it’s head ! Common sense seems to be in short supply nowadays,” one person wrote.

“Omfg! There’s literally high chairs to the right of them!” said another.

“Jeeze imaging someone tripping and knocking a scolding hot drink on to baby or landing on baby,” wrote a third.

While others claimed it was nothing to do with anyone other than the parents and accused the video of “parent shaming.”

“The baby could be happily playing, it could’ve been having a tantrum. No different if they were sat on grass! Hardly think the mum thought ye I’m just going to dump you here while I have my food! Too many perfect parents or parent shaming not knowing facts. Get a grip,” one person wrote.

“That’s ok but it would have been better if she put the baby on a play mat or something so baby isn’t in direct contact with the floor,” another added.

“People need to mind their own business on how people bring their children up,” someone said.

What do you think of the video? do you think the parents were wrong to place their baby on the floor?