The first couple of months with a new baby are said to be some of the hardest. You sleep in 3-hour increments, you're constantly covered in vomit and you're still trying to figure out what this small, screaming human wants from you!

Well, a pair of sleep-deprived parents recently fed their baby ice cubes after misreading some advice they were given.

Anonymously, one of the parents explained how they had a "baby food poster guide" and were taking tips on how to feed their youngster.

Sharing the story to Reddit, they delineated how for 6 whole months, they had read the poster which said: "Veggies and fruit, smooth texture, 2-3 ice cubes twice a day." Despite thinking it odd, as they had never heard of feeding a child ice cubes, the poster was from a "reputable company."


Nevertheless, they just went with it, serving their son fruit and veg with a side of ice cubes. However, they noticed, "By 7 months it said 'fruit, veg, dairy, eggs, grains and pulses, 3-4 ice cubes 3 times a day'."

"I thought, wow, he's hardly eating the 3 ice cubes we're currently giving him, he just pushes them around his high chair a bit and licks them, but whatever, we upped the ice cube portion.

"Mother in law came round and said 'why are you giving him ice cubes? Won't he get brain freeze?' But we said, 'no, no, it's a thing now, you have to give them ice cubes'."

They explained how they only realized their mistake when later that night, following the mother-in-law's visit, that the couple had a really good think about what the 'ice cube' meant. Eventually, it dawned on them that all this time, the poster had meant portion sizes.

"It was only later that night, when I really thought about it, that I realized it meant portion size. All this time in our sleep-deprived stupor we have been serving our baby son ice cubes every day."


The story has since received lots of attention online, with other Reddit users finding the incident incredibly hilarious.

One said: "I'm absolutely rolling from 'he's hardly eating the 3 ice cubes we gave him.'"

"I cracked up at the image of the kid licking and pushing the ice cubes around his high chair in confused disgust," commented another.

"Lol. As a fellow parent, I can safely say this will only be one of many goofs you make. At least this one is harmless and funny," another commenter added.

Some parents further explained why the ice cube reference was used, clearing up the idea for those of us not in the know.

"It's common to purée the food and freeze them in ice cube trays then defrost as you need them," they explained.

Another added: "It's to freeze, so you fill, an ice cube tray then freeze it, take out the number of cubes recommended and thaw it for a meal."

Well, this toddler will no longer be having ice cube's on the menu, except maybe when it's hot outside!