Parents Get Real About Giving Their Kids ‘Screen Time’

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Parenting in the 21st century is really hard. There is all this groundbreaking technology at our fingertips… But it might be really terrible for us? Especially for kids? There are endless numbers of articles and blogs and reports about how screen time affects children. Kids shouldn’t see a screen before the age of three. And even then, only for at most, an hour a day. Cell phones are rotting our brains. Social media is destroying kids’ psyches. It’s hard to know what advice to listen to.

And honestly, it’s hard to keep up with your own resolutions about how much screen time you’ll allow your child, especially when they are screaming and crying and annoying you to no end. Occasionally, it’s easier to plop them in front of the TV so you can like, pay your bills, instead of trying to come up with some other way to occupy them. If you are a parent struggling with the screen time issue, just know you are not alone.

In this day and age, screens are everywhere.

Phones, tablets, TVs… our whole lives could be spent in front of screens if we allowed it. But we definitely don’t! Especially not for our children…right?

Churning butter

Why make things harder on yourself? Screens are easy ways to entertain your children and to maintain your own sanity.

Mother iPad

It’s called the “Terrible Twos” for a reason. You might as well mitigate them with an iPad.

Doctor’s orders

Two hours? A day?! I’ve been at the computer for five hours so far today, and I’m only like, halfway done with my work day.

Plane time

What happens on the plane stays on the plane. It’s a different world up there. Without screens, kids on planes are absolute nightmares.

Book fair

Hey, it’s a book. Sure, it’s a book about a video game, but it’s still a book. It’s not a screen. That’s what matters.


It feels different, though. Like, a movie screen is…bigger…and farther away…than other types of screens.


That was totally different, though. The TV then was only on the TV, not on our phones and tablets, and it was like, way better.


Either way, there’s whining. It’s a whine-whine situation. Which means it’s lose-lose.

Screen time plan

Oh, sure. There’s always a plan for screen time and chores. In the beginning, there’s always a plan.

Past vs. present

Either they watch a movie or your house gets destroyed. You pick. Yeah, I thought so.

Cardboard computers

Hilarious, but you know what? It’s better than them looking at actual screens.


Another parent responded to say they could rot the yard…or another kid’s house. I like the way that parent thinks.

Punishing yourself

The best gift a parent can give themselves is to let their kid look at an iPad for half an hour while they take a bath.

Paw Patrol

But hey, that’s 76 minutes where your kid isn’t looking at the screen, so congratulations! You did it!


Obviously, your kids’ friends have it way better. That’s how it goes! My best friend growing up had all the best toys and snacks.

Plenty of screen time

Yeah, but it’s different with adults. They can make the decision to ruin their eyes and their bodies. Kids don’t know any better.


Growing up, you don’t realize that often, your punishments are also punishments for your parents.

Scheduled eye contact

This is why the oldest children turn out the best. Brought to you by the oldest child.

Equal screen time

Not only does screen time have to be limited, but if you have more than one kid, it has to be exactly equal if you want to avoid World War III.

Family motto

Stamp it on the family crest. It’s a threat known and experienced by so many.

Too poor

Ah yes! This is a foolproof way to prevent your kids from watching too much TV. Just don’t have a TV.

Five minutes

All it takes is five minutes of kids running around for there to be serious injuries. That doesn’t happen when they’re on their phones. The damage slowly builds over years, which is way better.


Hey, one screen rather than two is technically limiting their screen time. So good job, mom!

Dollhouse TV

See? If you make your kids use their imaginations, they can come up with their own boring TV shows to watch in their heads.


OK, but we all do this. “Let me take a shower and get dressed” really means “let me take a shower and sit on my bed in a towel for 35 minutes scrolling through Insta stories.”

Screen time report

At least they’re doing something entertaining and hilarious. I want to hang out with these kids.

24/7 screen time

Screen time isn’t just an issue with human children, apparently. This cat is too cute with the phone.

Done pretending

Parents like to talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, it’s just more convenient to let your kids veg out in front of a screen. No sense hiding it.

The Singularity

Well, that’s one plus. Share this with a fellow parent!