Parent’s Job Advert for Nanny Slammed Over ‘Ridiculous’ List of Role Requirements

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A parent’s nanny advertisement has gone viral for its sheer ridiculousness today, and everyone is saying the same thing…

I mean, you don’t want to place your children in the care of just anyone, do you?

So, of course, the hiring process can be grueling.

So they are forgiven for maybe coming across as a little intense when interviewing for a potential carer.

But recently, one parent really took the biscuit.

Their job listing for a nanny has sparked outrage online, leaving people to ultimately slam them for wanting to hire a “surrogate parent” rather than a nanny.

Well, strap yourself in – it will almost definitely enrage you.

Explaining that the job will involve looking after 2 children aged 8 and thirteen, working between 11 am and 7 pm on weekdays, and working longer hours during the school holidays.

As well as driving them where required, and cooking their meals. Again, nothing too out of the ordinary, right?

The ad explains that the successful candidate must also do the household’s laundry and cleaning, carry out grocery and personal shopping for the family, tutor the children in school subjects, and run errands for the parents such as visiting the bank and pharmacy. Erm… excuse me?

Stressing that the candidate must be aged twenty-five to thirty-years-old to apply, have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, 2 years experience as a live-in nanny, and be “seventy-five percent” willing to travel – whatever that means.

“Be a very specific age, have a bachelor’s degree, be a nanny, housekeeper, teacher, and personal shopper… and more, all for $13/hr.” It’s a no from me. For more outrageous job advertisements, keep scrolling…