Parents Who Named Their Baby 'Khaleesi' Are Really Regretting It | 22 Words

Choosing your baby's name can be one of the hardest and most important decisions you'll ever make as parents. You'll spend hours discussing and deliberating the pros and cons of each name and, finally, you'll come to a decision.

The perfect name for your unborn baby.

"Let us introduce you to little Avocado." WTF!

Seriously what are some parents thinking when they choose these ridiculous and completely inappropriate names? Now, finally, some are getting their comeuppance.

In 2018, over 500 people named their babies Khaleesi after their favorite GoT character. Ahh, the beautiful and sweet-natured Mother of Dragons.

Bet they are regretting that decision now.

But that's not even the worst name we found... not by far.

GoT fans, spoilers may be ahead if you're not caught up yet!


We understand that choosing a name for your child is hard work.

Especially if you are dead set on picking a unique name. But there is a fine line between unusual and damn right stupid. A line that far too many parents cross. In the words of Joey: "You're so far past the line that you can't even see the line. The line is a dot to you."

Like, seriously, who in their right mind would call their baby Facebook?

But someone did. In their defense, they did it to honor the role that social media played in the #Jan25 Egyptian revolution but still... Come on, bro. And WikiLeaks? Yikes.

And talking of hashtags...

Yes, you guessed it. Some idiot actually named their baby Hashtag. The same idiot that spelled weighs, "weys". And if you think that's bad, wait until you hear about the parent that named their baby after an emoticon...

These aren't the only terrible technology-inspired names.

Alexa, a shortened version of Alexandra, was once one quite popular but you'd be kicking yourself now if you named your baby girl this shortly before Amazon Echo's digital personal assistant was released.

And it's not only Amazon's AI that people have taken inspiration from.

Parents have actually chosen to call their baby Siri after Apple's personal assistant. Now, we actually think Siri is quite a cute name but maybe for a puppy, not your child.

Oh and, apparently, it doesn't matter if you like the name...

What's vital is that your baby has a good online presence. LMAO.

Here's the most ridiculous name in the world - actually, we don't even think it can be classed as a name.

Some fool actually called their child, ???. Yep, the actual emojis are the child's name.

Moving on, let's look at names that some parents think are cute but are actually sickening.

Like Little Sweetmeat. You can't make this sh*t up. No, this is not an adorable nickname that someone gave to their chubby cherub; it's the poor kid's actual registered name. Sweetmeat! Like "your meat is sweet" Sweetmeat...  all kinds of wrong.

Nevaeh is another one of these names.

If you haven't already worked it out, Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards. Nauseating isn't it?

Then there are those parents that like to name their babies after their favorite food and drink.

What the f*ck is that all about? Who doesn't like a cold glass of Chardonnay on a warm summer's evening? But that doesn't mean that you need to lumber your baby with the name for their whole life! And what if you are calling out for little Chardonnay? How will your husband know if you want to see your darling offspring or just fancy another tipple? But to be fair, compared to Snakebite, Chardonnay is a beautiful name.

Now we all know of a certain Hollywood actress who named their baby after a piece of fruit.

Yes Gwyneth, we are talking about you. And because of your stupidity, many other simpletons followed suit and named their baby Apple too.

We know "kids and grown-ups love it so", but really?

A kid called Haribo is going to get the p*ss ripped out of them daily.

And for those healthy types.

Why not name your baby Kale? But in case you didn't already know, kale is a kind of cabbage. Would you name your beloved child Cabbage? We think not.

Names that have sexual connotations should not even be on the table.

No, not Meg, although that would be cruel too. But Orgasm. Seriously what hope does a kid called Orgasm have? And who allowed their parents the right to reproduce?

Oh look it's little Chlamydia. Isn't her laugh infectious?

Perhaps even worse than people who call their little girls Candida. Yes, after the yeast infection. Charming!

We also love reading about ridiculous names that celebrities have given their unsuspecting offspring.

Like Kim and Kayne, who called their daughter North West...

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne made a similar error.

By calling their child Bear Payne. As in a lot of pain. We mean... really? Wait for the jokes to just come tumbling out as he hits puberty. "You must be in bear pain bro?" "That looks bear painful!" It's a good job he's the son of two celebs!

Cardi B named her baby girl Kulture.

Or Kulture Kiari Cephus in full. Apparently, her husband, Offset, was responsible for this lovely name, saying at the time: "anything else woulda been basic." That's us told.

And who could forget the awful name that Woody Allen and Mia Farrow gave to their son?

We'll give you a clue. You use it to carry your text books in. Yep, they called their son Satchel. Although, clearly he did not love the name (shocker) and later changed it to Ronan.

It sometimes feels like certain celebrities keep having more children just so they can dream up more and more ridiculous names.

Like celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. Now brace yourselves. His large brood is called: Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom, Buddy Bear, and River Rocket. Nauseating.

But what's even worse are parents who name their kids after their favorite fictional character regardless of how bad the actual name is.

Like calling your son Jedi. We get it, most of us love Star Wars, but put your child's happiness first. And definitely avoid this one if your last name is Knight. Just no.

Another cringe option is calling siblings Luke and Leia.

Or even worse, someone with the surname Walker calling their son Luke Sky. Yes, this did actually happen. Sigh.

It may seem sweet to name a brother and sister Ross and Rachel.

But by the time they are old enough to understand why Friends will be massively outdated and they will not thank you for the '90s references. Plus, Ross and Rachel were lovers...

More recently, parents have been naming their babies after characters from their favorite TV show, Game of Thrones.

2,500 babies were named Arya in 2018 alone.

Now we have to admit that Arya is pretty badass, so maybe this one's not such a poor choice after all.

Let's wait and see what happens in the finale though before we call judgment...

Sansa has not fared quite so well.

Only twenty-nine babies were called Sana name last year. We don't get it. Sansa is actually a very pretty name.

Khaleesi was the favorite by far.

560 babies were named Khaleesi in 2018 and 163 baby girls called Daenerys. And we kind of understand it. She's beautiful, kind-hearted but strong, plus she's the Mother of Dragons ffs. What could be a better name for a gorgeous baby girl?

Well, perhaps one that isn't inspired by a character who has recently completely lost the plot and burned an entire city to the ground...

Yeah, all those parents must be feeling pretty stupid right about now. You should definitely have waited until the show ended before choosing that name. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

If that wasn't bad enough...

All those parents who picked the name thinking that it embodied strength and independence for their daughters... Khaleesi literally means "wife of Khal." Not quite so independent now, are we?

Some can't even spell it right!

If you are going to name your child after the Mad Queen, at least spell it correctly. That's just embarrassing for everyone involved.

And the next ridiculous, but insanely popular, baby name will be... drum roll, please!

Thanos. You heard it here first.