Buying used cars has become pretty commonplace now, with people wanting to keep costs down and opt for slightly cheaper models.

But buying anything online comes with risks, although no one would have guessed responding to a used car ad would result in such a tragedy...

Nowadays a lot more people buy used cars than ever before.

Interest in buying used cars has spiked in recent weeks as people try to avoid public transport.

Used cars are more popular as motorists desperately bid to make savings and cut costs...

Following our government's pandemic warnings.

In fact, over seventy percent of motorists they had purchased a used car in the past.

While this is great for keeping costs down, it does come with its fair share of risks.

It's become quite easy for private ads to lie about the car they're selling.

Faking documents has become far too easy.

Not only that, but there's also been an increase in the number of stolen cars being listed.

Which people then sell on without the buyer's knowledge.

Buying anything advertised online before going to see it in person is a no-go.

Which is why you view the item before buying.

One couple did just that, and it took a tragic turn for the worst.

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When the car they planned on buying turned out to be stolen.

A couple was robbed and killed after responding to a used car listing online.

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Joseph and Jossline Roland went to the Southlands Mall on Aug. 14, to buy what they thought was a 2017 Toyota Rav4.

They saw the car listed on Letgo by someone claiming to go by the name of James Worthy...

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However, when they arrived the couple was greeted by eighteen-year-old Kyree Brown, who told them he brought the wrong vehicle title by accident.

It turns out the car had been stolen a few days prior.

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Brown managed to convince the couple to follow him to his apartment, to get the official documents for the car.

Which is where he turned on them, robbing them at gunpoint.

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When their car started to roll forward, that's allegedly when he opened fire.

While Brown admitted to shooting Joseph...

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He claimed he shot Jossline by accident.

After the shooting, Brown stole money from the couple before leaving the scene.

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The couple were found in their car and taken to the local hospital.

They died just 5 minutes apart from one another.

The shooting clearly didn't phase Brown as he listed the vehicle for sale again.

This time using the name, Jessica Harlan.

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He was found and arrested on August 27.

Their 5 children have been left without parents.

Their family has started a GoFundMe page.

This is a tragedy for all those left behind.

"They leave behind five sweet children," the GoFundMe organizer, Brittany Southerland, writes. "Anyone who knew Joe and Jossline would remember they were always the first to help. They were the best people you could know and their door was always open to friends and family."

Southerland continues...

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"No amount of money can replace what they’ve lost, but maybe we can pull together and provide some financial security for them."

He has been charged with 2 accounts of first-degree murder.

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Although we don't know if he's entered a plea.

Their funeral service was filmed for those wanting to pay their respects...

We just hope their family can get through this difficult time. Keep scrolling for more heartbreaking losses we've experienced this year...