Parents Outraged Over School Picture Day ‘Retouch’ Trend

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Parents have slammed a photography company after noticing that they joining in with the school picture day “retouch” trend… Yikes.

There’s no denying that children are facing more and more pressure about how they look due to social media.

But now, it seems that picture-perfect pressure is spreading to schools too.

Now, retouching school photographs is not a new thing, however, the age that it is being offere, is getting lower, the New York Post reports.

Retouching options are said to now be offered to students as young as pre-kindergarten.

This is not something that children of that age should be worrying about.

One parent who has been offered retouching services is Jennifer Greene who has a twelve-year-old daughter.

Greene spoke with the New York Post to slam the photography company, Lifetouch, after she noticed that they offered “retouching” services for her daughter’s pictures.

Greene saw that the school picture package from Lifetouch encouraged parents to pay an extra twelve dollars for “retouching” services such as teeth whitening, and blemish removal.

Speaking with the outlet, she said: “I was shocked. I completely disagree with [retouching a child’s school picture], because it’s teaching kids that they need to look perfect all the time and that they can change [a perceived flaw] with the click of a mouse.”

Greene has also previously called out Lifetouch on social media and despite not receiving a response, the company did share a statement with the Post.

“Our goal is always to authentically capture each child we photograph,” the statement said. “Photo retouch is an entirely opt-in service that customers choose to add on to photo packages. Most, if not all, school photography companies offer this service and it’s an expectation as an available option for schools.”

Kristin Loerns is another mom who has experienced the same issue when Lifetouch edited away her son’s freckles.

“I gave permission for ‘basic retouching,’ which would be removing blemishes, and they removed all of his freckles instead,” Loerns told the outlet. After releasing what they had done, the mom complained to the company who then resent the photographs with her son’s freckles returned.

What do you think of the retouching trend?