Parents Receive Note From Stranger About Their Children’s Behavior in Restaurant

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Parents from Texas have been left in shock over a letter written by a stranger about their children.

The person in question was dining out at the Rico’s Hacienda restaurant in Texas and spotted the Bokorst family across the room.

The parents, who share 5 children aged between 4 to fourteen, have always tried to teach their kids to be respectful when eating at restaurants. And despite still being pretty young, they’ve always been well behaved and courteous of other people.

“We just try to make sure to let them know that when they are out in public, specifically, that they are well behaved,” dad, Ryan Bokorst, told KPRC 2.

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Being well behaved in public is something ingrained in the children by Bokorst and his wife, and their etiquette clearly struck a chord with one of the other diners sitting nearby.

As they were preparing to pay the bill, the waiter gave them something they weren’t expecting. A handwritten note from another customer, clearly impressed by what they saw.

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“I asked for the bill and the waiter brought me the little booklet with the note in it. I was speechless and not quite sure what was going on,” Ryan explained.

The note said: “Sir I was so impressed with your family tonight. Your children were well-mannered and courteous. You two should be proud as parents.”

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It continued: “You both have done well. It was my pleasure to pay your bill tonight. Your family is truly a breath of fresh air in the days of children screaming and running around. Have a blessed day and week.”

The Bokorst’s were so taken aback by the strangers kind words and his generous gesture, they used it as an opportunity to teach their kids another valuable lesson…

No matter what age, you can always make a difference.