Parents Rejoice, There Are Now Slippers to Prevent You From Stepping on LEGOs | 22 Words

The worst feeling in the world is waking up in the middle of the night, making your way through the house for a late night potty break, and suddenly stepping on a LEGO. The pain, the betrayal, the hatred of your children. Why did you reproduce? You have no idea because suddenly everything hurts and you want to die.

LEGOs have been perfectly designed to have as many pointy edges as humanly possible. Some sort of hellish demon dreamed them up as a torture device for innocent parents whose soft, tender feet have no protection.

But no more we say! The time has come for the cruel attacks of LEGOs to end. Thankfully LEGO themselves are coming to our aid to provide us with the protection we need to keep our tootsies free from bruising. Yes, it's not the hero we deserve but the hero we need: LEGO proof slippers.

LEGOs: a delightful childhood toy or scourge of parental feet?

These tiny toys are pretty great when you get to play with them, but every adult knows the horror of stepping on one of them.

So what's a parent to do when they want to encourage creativity?

Ban LEGOs? Enforce cleanup time with the iron fist? Invest in some steel-toed boots?

Alas, none of those sound like good options.

Someone always loses.

But what if we told you there was a different way?

A way that means LEGOs can stay in the house AND your feet stay safe?

Spoiler alert: there is another way.

LEGO themselves have come to our rescue.

Introducing: LEGO proof slippers.

These babies are extra padded for your comfort.

Here's the scoop.

LEGO has teamed up with Brand Station to create a limited run of these special slippies.

You put on the slippers, your kid plays with the LEGOs.

Everyone wins.

Is there anything more joyful than the knowledge your feet are safe?

I say no. There is not.

Could you get a normal pair of slippers to protect your feet from LEGOs?

Sure, but they wouldn't have the same style, the same class, the same je ne sais quoi.

You may have a hard time getting your hands on them though.

They're a limited run of just 1500.

The only way to get them?

By being chosen randomly from LEGO's French website.

Completely random? Yes.

Am I about to learn French so I can sign up? Also yes.

But if you're one of the lucky ones?

This could change the LEGO game.

Just imagine it.

After a hard day of playing with LEGOs your kids leave a pile of potential foot destroyers lying on the floor.

You look out across the floor, seeing your doom before you.

It's all over.

Your life will be lost.

Like so many before you.

But wait!

You have the power.

You pull out your slippers.

And get those bad boys on your feet.

No LEGOs can stop you now!

Your feet have the ultimate protection!

Don't let your ambition overtake you though.

These puppies only protect your feet.

If LEGOs have truly taken over your home you might need something a little more...ambitious.

We've got a few more ideas to propose to LEGO.

Padded pants anyone?

For those awkward moments when your butt finds a LEGO left on your favorite chair.

Full body suit a la Iron Man?

Just on the off chance that you're in the same room as a LEGO.

The possibilities are endless.

As endless as the scourge of LEGOs.

What do you think?

Have you felt the pain of the LEGO?

Or do you think the whole conversation is overkill?

They are just LEGOs after all.

No matter what your opinion there's one thing we can all agree on.

If you're going to be a parent you better be prepared to step on a few legos.

So from our tender toes to LEGO:

Thanks for looking out for us.

It's hard work being a parent.

There's no need to make it painful.