A set of parents have divided opinions online after they revealed the rather unconventional approach they've taken to raising their daughter.

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There are many peculiar parenting methods out there...

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But this one might just conquer them all.

A set of parents have recently come forward to share their own approach to parenting...

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And let me tell you, it involves a lot of Harry Potter.

Now, every child loves Harry Potter.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has enticed the imaginations of children for decades now, and it remains a firm favorite today for avid readers all over the world.

And I can bet that most of us, as children, secretly believed that Hogwarts and all of its magic was real.

I still remember the disappointment of turning finally eleven and still having no invitation to Hogwarts arrive in the mailbox. Devastating times.

Anyway, this belief was all a part of being a child...

And it wasn't too damaging because we all knew, deep down, that Harry, Ron, and Hermione were simply figments of J.K Rowling's imagination.

However, there is one family who has taken this love for Harry Potter one step too far.

Taking to Reddit, a set of parents have opened up about the somewhat alarming parenting approach they have adopted when bringing up their 7-year-old daughter.

For all these years, they have allowed her to believe the wizarding world of Harry Potter is real.

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And I'm not talking allowing her to enjoy the books to their full extent... They have fully convinced her that she is a witch descended from an old wizarding family.

It's all very problematic.

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Looking for advice on how to keep this warped ideology going, they wrote: "We have raised our almost 8 yr old daughter to believe that she is a Witch from an old Wizarding family. We're looking for more sophisticated and creative ideas from the r/HarryPotter community to keep this going."

They explained how they first introduced her to the Harry Potter series when she was only 5-years-old...

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And now, nearly 3 years later, her obsession has deepened. "She is almost 8 and, as her questions have gotten deeper, we've kept building the illusion with more details about our family genealogy and its connection to book characters, stories about times we used magic (and the life and moral lessons we learned from it.)"

They claim that their daughter has learned about many subjects through their magical approach...

"She has processed many difficult subjects like racism, climate change, and even the coronavirus through this lens." Erm, how?

Then, they went on to admit that they have, infact, been gaslighting their daughter all along.

"Before other parents judge or lecture; we know it's gaslighting and eventually she'll be disappointed and have trust issues with us when she learns the truth."

But they did attempt to justify their actions.

"We justify it that we are adding magic to her childhood, and give her motivation to reach her full (magical) potential (since she needs to study hard to be accepted to Hogwarts)."

And apparently, her teachers are all for it.

"We've asked more serious questions of her teachers, and they think it's more awesome and creative than damaging."

The couple finished their post by, once more, attempting to justify their decision...

By comparing it to believing in a religion. Yeah, because convincing your child the fictional wizarding world of Harry Potter is real is exactly the same. They wrote: "At the very worst case, my take is that it's analogous to children been raised to believe the traditional religious stories are true, and that when the truth hits her, it will teach her to ask critical questions and not accept everything she hears and reads at face value."

Here's the full post.

This Twitter user shared it with the world, writing, "experienced physical and emotional pain upon reading this."

Obviously, most people were completely baffled by the story...

And many pointed out the flaws in their ideology by comparing to their own upbringings with religion... Yes, they were brought up to believe in God, but they weren't told that they were a direct descendent from him.

And, in most cases, there is no malicious intent behind religious upbringings.

Many social media users expressed their concern with the true intent behind these parents blatant lies.

And some even went as far as to label their parenting as "psychological abuse."

Though making a child live a total lie is abuse in some senses, isn't it?

But others didn't see anything too out of the ordinary.

Is it really too different from the story of Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny? (Yes, it really is.)

Why couldn't they just raise their daughter to love the books, like every other parent out there?

We can only hope that this story isn't real and, if it is, the little girl will somehow rise above this barbaric family setup. For more dreadful parenting stories, keep scrolling to read about the baby who thinks her name is Alexa after her parents' obsessive use of the gadget...