Expectant Parents Slammed for Sending Neighbors a ‘Menu’ of Meals They Want Made for Them

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Expectant parents have been slammed online after they sent their neighbors a selection of meals they would like making…

Now, there’s no denying that becoming a new parent can be hard.

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It becomes difficult to balance everyday life while looking after a tiny human.

And sometimes, people have to ask for help from the likes of friends, family or neighbors.

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Nows, there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it, however it seems that one couple has recently taken it too far…

The couple has been slammed online after they sent their neighbors a selection of meals they would like making to help them out when they are new parents.

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People have a lot to say about it…

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Jack Jokinen, a neighbor near the expectant parents, took to Twitter to share their requests. 

In a series of tweets, Jack explained that he had joined a “social network” called Nextdoor where “people in my neighborhood can alert each other about crime and stuff like that.”

However, somebody in his neighborhood had posted the “most ridiculous thing ever.”

The post by the neighbours explained that the father-to-be was feeling “a great deal of fear” about becoming a parent.

“One of the things I’m most afraid of is not getting a great deal of sleep and as a result not being in the best frame of mind to offer my wife the support she needs to recover,” the post read.

“That’s why I’m putting together this ‘Meal-train’ or ‘Mental-health check-in train’ or ‘Do you need any help today train.'”

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“A meal would be awesome. If you feel comfortable reaching out before you arrive to see if we might need anything else – that’d be even more awesome.”

However, upon clicking the link, he found that they were doing exactly that but in the “most millennial phrasing I have ever seen in my life.”

And it only gets worse…

He tweeted that he “figured maybe it’s like “if you make a lasagna and make too much, we would accept it,” but that wasn’t the case at all…

The soon-to-be parents had shared “30+ specific meals with recipes.”

And the couple had said they “avoid sugar whenever possible” and eat “whole, simple foods.”

Adding that it “isn’t necessarily about food,” they also wrote that if food was not an option they would also accept help with the dog and the vacuum.

Before later adding that if they “could use some food, but prefer no distractions, I’ll put a big white cooler in our side yard.”

What do you think of their requests?