Parents Warned About Dangers of Children Wearing Winter Coats Inside Cars

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Now, people have always been divided when it comes to wrapping their child up during a car journey, especially if they have an adorable little baby that they need to keep warm. What’s the harm? Right?


Parents are now being warned about the dangers of children wearing winter coats inside cars…

With experts advising all parents to just take off their child’s coat, even if they’re in a rush, or if it’s a little chilly in the car.

And look, I know it can be a pain trying to keep on top of all the safety hazzards while driving now-a-days, but it’s for the best.

Because winter coats are usually made up of thick feather-like material, which is exactly why they’re a hazard to your child’s safety while you’re in the car.

But, before we get into the exact dangers, let’s see what some people on TikTok have to say.

This mom offered an easier option for those traveling with a child so that they can still stay warm and safe.

A lot of others have also taken to the platform to express the importance of the matter, too.

“Here we are all buckled in with no coat because it’s unsafe,” this woman said while filming her adorable little child.

Another woman even pointed towards the way production companies like Disney and Netflix advertise safety for both adults and children, here, take a look.

But, why is it dangerous? You might ask.

According to BeSafe, a company dedicated to keeping children safe with car seats, in the event of any harsh braking, or God forbid, a crash has a little something to say about the matter.

So, keep scrolling if you want to find out exactly why coats should be taken off your child in all future car journeys, no matter how long or short.

Wearing a winter jacket will actually prevent the harness from protecting your child correctly.

And you might be thinking: “But surely a padded coat will protect the child against any harm in the wake of a crash,” right?

According to BeSafe, wearing the jacket: “Results in your child having too much space for movement, as the harness is not tight enough to hold them back securely.”

“Thus, when traveling with children in winter, we strongly encourage you to avoid having them wear thick winter jackets,” the article finished.

Safety experts have also produced a video that shows just how fatal leaving a big puffy coat on your child can really be.

The Good Egg Safety video features a boy who’s being strapped in with his coat on, but when he takes his coat off, they are loose.

“Now if they wear a winter coat in a car seat and the car is involved in a crash, all the padding in the coat will be compressed and effectively this is how loose the straps are and the child could be ejected from the seat,” Margaret Bolt, Good Egg Safety car safety expert said.

And Julie Dagnall, from a Leyland-based Child Seat Safety Ltd, advises people to keep their children warm in other ways.

“If you think they’ll be cold, place a blanket or their coat on top of them. Just check it doesn’t stop the car seat from working properly and isn’t going to make them overheat especially if they are young babies,” she said.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

Always take your child’s coat off before traveling with them in a car seat!