Paris Hilton Marries Carter Reum in Bel-Air Wedding and Gives First Look at Dress

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Yes, those are wedding bells you can hear!

Paris Hilton recently tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend-turned-husband Carter Reum and my God, was the wedding a spectacle…

The news comes after the social media influencer announced her engagement to Carter Reum back in February.

But while the wedding was as lavish as you’d expect it to be…

There’s one particular thing that people are focused on…

And it’s the teaser picture of her wedding dress that Paris recently posted on Instagram.

And let me tell you, it’s a sight worth seeing.

Keep scrolling to have a look for yourselves.

But first, how did we get here?

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How did a young woman from New York manage to achieve this level of superstardom to the point where we’re focused on even the little details of her life like the dress she’s wearing?

It’s because Paris Hilton is the original influencer.

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Paris, who is now forty, is perhaps the person to thank for the generation of social media influencers and she has been a fashion icon for years now.

And she’s really managed to name for herself.

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Well, let’s rewind to the late ’90s when Paris was just nineteen-years-old.

It all started there…

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Everyone knows by her name as her great grandfather founded the Hilton hotel chain, meaning her family is considerably wealthy.

Her career started off very early when she signed a modeling contract.

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Signing with Donald Trump’s modeling agency, T Management gave her the exposure that she wanted and needed.

However, she wasn’t going to limit herself to just modeling…

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Paris’ big breakthrough came in 2003 when she co-starred in the reality series The Simple Life with co-socialite Nicole Richie.

It was a pretty interesting watch, to say the least.

And their dim yet hilarious outlook on life built the show a huge fan base.

The show became a global success, plunging the young woman even more into the limelight.

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And even when The Simple Life came to an end in 2006 after Paris and Nicole very publically fell out, she continued to rise to fame.

She also delved into the world of “proper acting…”

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But she never starred in anything big enough to define her as a serious actress.

Not to mention her stabs in the music industry… Yikes.

She has released 1 album and has worked as a DJ at big events over the years.

But what she’s best known for is being a socialite.

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And Paris would spend the majority of her time in Beverly Hills with A-listers and millionaires… living her best life pretty much. But she also has become a staple part of “creating” other socialites.

Paris walked so people like Kim Kardashian could run.

Kim actually worked as Paris’ closet organizer for a few years, and when Paris publically fell out with Nicole Richie, Kim stepped in as her temporary “BFF.”
Yeah, this actually happened.

And even though the women have had their ups and downs, Kim will be the first to admit this fact.

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On an episode of KUWTK last year, Kim said, “I really would wanna do anything for her… She literally gave me a career, and I totally acknowledge that.”

However, these days, Paris is in the limelight for a whole other reason… Her love life.

Paris’ love life has become a hot topic after she got engaged… For the 4th time.

Previously, she has been engaged to Jason Shaw, Paris Latsis, and, most recently, her ex-fiance Chris Zylka.

But now, she feels as if she’s found her soulmate. You know what they say, 4th time lucky.

Paris and her man recently walked down the aisle in what has been described as a classic Bel-Air wedding…

And while a lot of the details around the ceremony have been kept hush-hush, there’s one aspect that all her fans are focused on right now and that’s her dress…

This is because Paris posted a sneak-peak photograph of her look on her Instagram account…

And everyone’s smitten over it.

Keep scrolling to have a look.

Comments have been pouring in all day…

Here’s the picture:

Doesn’t she look stunning?