Paris Jackson Tells Willow Smith Paparazzi Gave Her PTSD

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Model and actress Paris Jackson recently opened up about how badly the paparazzi have affected her life.

During the latest episode of Red Table Talk, the twenty-three-year-old told Willow Smith that she still attends therapy sessions to help with the after-effects of it all.

“It’s always been pretty gnarly, my social anxiety,” the daughter of late singer Michael Jackson said, “I don’t know if you get this too — I experience audio hallucinations sometimes of camera clicks and severe paranoia.
“I’ve been going to therapy for a lot of things, but that included,” she explained, “I’ll hear, like, a trash bag rustling, and I’ll flinch and panic.”

Her condition means that she’s constantly having nightmares and avoids going outside during the day.

“It’s just standard PTSD… It’s primarily if I’m out in public during the day,” she continued, “I don’t really go out during the day.
“I do catch it affecting my personal relationships, especially romantic relationships. PTSD can affect pretty much every aspect of your life.”

“It does a lot to your nervous system, because you’re constantly in fight or flight. You’re constantly walking on eggshells, constantly looking over your shoulder,” Jackson said.

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She also discussed the burden of fame not just affecting her, but her family’s reputation.
“You have to sit up straight and act right because if you don’t it not only reflects on your reputation, [but also] your family’s reputation… It does some serious shock,” she went on, “I feel like there’s got to be some kind of permanent damage.”

And the aspect of paranoia is something Willow Smith herself could relate to.

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Growing up in the spotlight alongside her famous family meant that she also experienced very similar things from a young age.
“I definitely feel like in a lot of my personal relationships — mostly friendships — that I’m very paranoid about information,” Willow admitted.
Things got to the point where she has asked friends to delete texts to prevent personal information from leaking.

Jackson agreed with her statement, addingm “Oh, 100%. Everyone that walks into my house signs an NDA.”

On a brighter note though, she also added that therapy and knowing she’s got a few people that she can fully trust has helped her create a stable base for herself.
Watch the full episode here.