Another so-called "Karen" has gone viral this week after getting kicked off an airplane for refusing to wear a mask.

The footage has left people utterly shocked...

Another "Karen" has been catapulted into the internet's spotlight.

This time, the incident took place on an airplane, and, after viewing the clip, people are less than impressed.

Let's start with the basics.

What exactly is a Karen? Well, Urban Dictionary describes a Karen as a "mother of three. Blonde. Owns a Volvo. Annoying as hell. Wears acrylics 24/7. Currently at your workplace speaking to your manager."

"Karens" are usually known for demanding the presence of a manager in order to complain...

And they have become a painfully hilarious joke over the last few years.

The name "Karen" has always been associated with a certain type of middle-aged white woman who’s likely to throw a fit if she doesn’t get her own way.

And the memes are comedy gold.

Things have truly gotten out of hand with the Karen meme...

But we aren't complaining!

And thanks to the internet...

We can now spot a Karen asking for the manager a mile off.

There are a whole range of Karens out there...

But in more recent times, we've seen an unusual flux of nastier, more sinister Karens dominating our headlines.

As we become more aware of the ongoing racism occurring in this country, we can't help but notice that these Karen's are often at the center of the scandal.

Just last month, a "Karen" was publically ridiculed after she was filmed calling the cops on a black man.

The incident happened in Central Park...

And the woman, who has now been identified as Amy Cooper, was seen calling the police on a black man who had asked her to put her dog on a leash. Thankfully, Amy's actions came back to bite her, and she was fired from her job in the days after the video went viral.

And, just weeks after that incident...

Another racist Karen reared its ugly head.

A middle-aged white woman in Phoenix was filmed targeting a Hispanic shopper in her local supermarket...

She unleashed a barrage of hateful and racist abuse at the shopper, and even told her to "go back to Mexico."

The clip was truly shocking...

But people reveled in glee when she was spectacularly slapped across the face.

And then, the first-ever male Karen emerged...

And he was just as terrifying as you could imagine.

A man was recently filmed calling the cops (shock) on a pair of peaceful protestors...

And he could be heard telling them that he "fought for this country" and demanding their arrest. How very Karen of him.

And, just when you thought we couldn't write about any more Karens...

You guessed it, another video has emerged.

This particular incident took place on an airplane...

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The eye-opening clip was filmed by passenger Jordan Slad on an American Airlines flight from Ohio to North Carolina, and uploaded to TikTok.

During the video, a woman can be seen refusing to wear a mask on the plane.

via: Twitter

This goes against flight guidelines that state everyone must wear a mask to fly.


via: Twitter

This woman claimed she didn't have to wear a mask for medical reasons.

According to Jordan, the woman was being "argumentative from the gate."

via: Twitter

And began demanding to be boarded first, "causing an obvious scene."

At one point while on the plane, another passenger confronted the woman about not wearing a mask.

via: Twitter

"A woman in the back got up from her seat and sort of confronted the attendant saying she was going to miss her connection and then directed the conversation back to the woman saying if she misses her flight because of her," Jordan says.

As the incident ensued, the woman was removed from the flight.

via: Twitter

The woman is clearly furious, and grabs her items before storming off the flight.

As she leaves the aircraft, everyone can be heard cheering.

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One passenger even shouts: "Just leave, we have flights to get on!"

The woman doesn't leave it there, however.

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Before making her grand exit, she turns around and shouts "You can clap all you want."

After the clip went viral, people reactions came pouring in.

Viewers truly couldn't believe how she could think she was in the right.

The airline was well within its rights to ask her to leave...

It's literally part of its policy.

Watch the shocking clip below:

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