Patton Oswalt Apologizes for Sexual Comments He Made About This ‘Stranger Things’ Actor

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Ever since the first season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix last year, people have been obsessed with the show’s stars. Now, it’s one thing to be obsessed with a show and have an appreciation for the actors who helped create it, but some people have taken things a bit too far. It can be easy to forget that the main stars of Stranger Things are children. But they are. And that means some comments are completely off-limits.

Recently, actor Patton Oswalt took things too far with a comment he made about Finn Wolfhard.

It all went down when Patton Oswalt was introducing the Stranger Things cast at a Comic-Con panel back in July.

When he got to 14-year-old actor Finn Wolfhard, Oswalt introduced him saying, “Finn Wolfhard: an actor born with the greatest porn name ever.” Yikes. “Hey man, thanks!” Wolfhard replied. “That really puts a great thing in my future.” Oswalt then went on to tell Wolfhard to “get a good agent” and not appear in anything called “Stranger Thongs.” Yiiiiiikes.

We were living in a different world back in July. Making inappropriately sexual comments to children was still gross back then (obviously), but it was before the topics of sexual harassment and assault within the entertainment industry were in the headlines almost every single day. It was even before we knew that Wolfhard himself had chosen to fire his agent when it was discovered the agent had sexually assaulted several young male actors.

This is exactly the kind of joke that shouldn’t be made in the first place, but it’s especially dangerous to make jokes like this in an industry where children are already often preyed upon by people in positions of power. Finn Wolfhard and the rest of the kids from Stranger Things cast are just that: kids. No amount of laughter is worth making a sexual joke at their expense.

He apologized to Wolfhard for his comment and says that he’s learned from his actions. We’ve all been in the position of saying something we thought would be funny and then immediately regretting the “joke.” Apparently, even celebrities are sometimes guilty of this phenomenon. We’re certainly glad this story has a happy ending.