Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Morgan Bought a Candy Store and Kept It From Shutting Down After Its Owner Died

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Actors Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan gave a new lease of life to a candy store after the owner died.

After Ira Gutner, the owner of a candy store in Rhinebeck, New York died back in 2014, his much-loved store was on the verge of closing down…

Until Paul Rudd, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and their wives, Hilarie Burton and Julie Rudd decided to honor the memory of Guter and take on the store by themselves. It was as a way of giving back to the community and to a place that held countless memories for the actors.

The store serves a variety of sweet treats, such as: candies, desserts, and pastries. Rudd even worked behind the register a couple of times for Gutner, before his death.

Both Rudd and Morgan have homes in Rhinebeck and Rudd feels it’s important to be part of the community they live in.

“One of the most important things any human can experience is to be a part of a community and feel connected to where you live and to other people who live there, especially in a job like mine,” the Ant-Man actor said as per USA Today.

Morgan went on to talk about the importance of Rhinebeck to him. “It’s the first time I’ve felt at home in my entire adult life. It’s a combination of the people and the scenery. It’s a different vibe from my 20 years in LA when I didn’t even know my neighbors,” he said.

While Rudd and Morgan officially own the shop, it’s being run by locals such as John Traver, who initially started working there aged just fifteen and now is the head of the team.

“It continued to operate in the wake of Ira’s death. Due to lots of hard work and good fortune, it continued to operate,” said Traver.

Traver was devastated after the death of Gutner and recalls feeling hopeless as he had no way of buying the store to keep it up and running, until Morgan got in touch with him and offered to provide the nessesary funds to keep it going with the help of Rudd.

Traver said he was told, “whatever you do, don’t close the shop — hang in there.” Traver then became a partner after the two actors bought it. “There was triumph out of tragedy,” Traver admitted.

“I had lost my friend. But these really great people came forward and helped me and saved the local candy store and now I have this incredible opportunity to make this place as successful as I can, which is awesome. It’s great.”

Jeffery Morgan said: “When Hilarie and I came to the area and started getting coffee at Samuel’s, Ira made it clear that we were home. We just got each other. Saving Samuel’s is one of the coolest things we have done.”

Paul Rudd also said: “The best thing about being an owner of a candy shop is getting my favorite holiday candy in June.”

His wife, Julie shared his enthusiasm, confessing: “The magic of Samuel’s, especially during the holidays, makes me feel like a little girl again.”

And for Hilarie Burton, it’s that “Samuel’s strives to be the trophy case for all the talented people we have in our community,” she said.

How amazing!