Restaurant Owner Says Paul Rudd’s Youthful Looks Come From Being ‘Unbelievably Kind’

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London chef Asma Khan has spoken out about Paul Rudd’s recent visit to her restaurant with Dan Levy, and the social media hysteria that followed.

Khan was the winner of Insider’s 2019 Food 100 list of coolest people in food and drink, and also featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. The restaurateur revealed that this visit was Rudd’s second time at the Darjeeling Express in a week!

“I never expected [the photo] to go viral the way it did. At least I would have tagged my restaurant! I didn’t even do that,” Khan told Insider.

After Khan tweeted the now-famous photo of the duo, hundreds of fans reacted, shocked about the pair’s unexpected friendship, and they also couldn’t believe how young Rudd looked.

“How is it possible @danjlevy looks older than Paul Rudd?” One person tweeted. Levy is thirty-seven while Rudd is fifty-two.

“Paul Rudd looking young is nothing new but I enjoy this greater revelation that he and Dan Levy are like BFFs,” Kushaan Shah tweeted. editor Rachel Paige wrote: “I want a 7-part miniseries about Paul Rudd and Dan Levy going out for dinner.”

Even Mindy Kaling chipped in, writing: “I saw that pic of Paul Rudd and Dan Levy eating Indian food together and made it about me somehow.”

The photo has been shared all across social media and everyone has a lot to say about the wholesome encounter…

One wrote: “These two who shine in front of & behind a camera, clearly have the same genius when it comes to selecting restaurants.”

While another commented: “OMG!! When I book, can I just say ‘The table next to Paul Rudd please’??”

Khan told Insider that the actor was “very gracious” with her staff “who were melting at the fact he turned up,” taking pictures and even FaceTiming with a staff member who had to go back to India to care for her father due to him catching coronavirus.

“I thought that was just the most beautiful thing he did. He talked to her in an unhurried way,” Khan said.

The chef credited Rudd’s youthful looks to his heartwarming personality, saying: “He just looks so happy.

“I think the reason why he looks so young is because he’s a good man. Both his kids were there both times; he’s a very family man. I think he’s a man at peace, and that shows.”

Khan added: “For me, he’s no longer a big film star. I just see a man who, with all his fame and all the adulation he gets, is just unbelievably humble, and human, and kind.

“He is the kind of person that you want to be a good guy. He’s more than that. He’s compassionate and humble.”