PBS Canceling 'Caillou' and People Are Rejoicing About It | 22 Words

It's official: Caillou is leaving PBS, and it's perfectly clear how everyone feels about it...

The news has been bringing great joy to parents everywhere...

PBS Kids announced the news on Twitter and now, there's been some light shed on why the show is leaving the channel.

The Canadian kids’ cartoon has been on our screens in one form or another since 1997.

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Before making its debut here in the States in 2000.

Now, for those who haven't watched, the show follows the antics of the 4-year-old title character who lives with his mother, father, and sister in a blue house on Pine Street.

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Caillou has invisible friends, learns how to play sports, and explores nature.

The show originally ran for 5 seasons...

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The last of which aired in 2010, although repeats and reruns have continued to air for years.

However, this week, PBS has finally pulled the plug.

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Which, if one look on Twitter is anything to go by, has come as a great relief to parents everywhere.

Reactions to the news came in strong...

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And it's very clear how people feel about the cartoon.

Amid the reactions, however, it's clear the news has come as a shock.

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So why exactly has Caillou been canceled?

The announcement was made on January 5th, 2021 via a statement on the PBS Kids Twitter account.

Knowing that the disappearance of TV show can be tough on children, PBS Kids also posted a list of tips to help parents navigate their kids through the show’s cancellation.

As part of its statement on Twitter, PBS Kids also hinted that something new would be on its way to take Caillou’s place.

Although, the network did not reveal which show would be taking Caillou’s place in the TV schedules.

Are you sad or relieved about the cancellation of Caillou?

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