Prime Day 2020: Refresh Your Home With Shocking Savings

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It’s Prime Day! AKA the most wonderful time of the year for savvy bargain hunters. We’re finding the best deals for sprucing up your home or grabbing wishlist items you’ve been wanting. Since we’re spending so much time inside lately, our spaces are in need of a little refresh! What better way than taking advantage of the amazing Prime Day deals to fancy things up, fix them up and upgrade your home for the better.

From a bidet to a weighted blanket to an affordable robot vacuum, we’ve got all the best Prime Day deals for home.

Note: The deals are coming and going so products may sell out quickly!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Airtight Coffee Canister

Since we’re all making home-brewed coffee more than usual lately, whether to save money or avoid germs in public. This airtight coffee canister is going to be your new best friend for keeping your joe as fresh as can be. I love that it comes with a scoop too, so you don’t have to go searching for the right size spoon to measure out the coffee.

This Microfiber Sheet Set

Microfiber sheets are kind of the best – they’re easy care, wrinkle-free and cooling so you don’t overheat. These silky smooth, 1800 thread count ones have over 2,000 glowing reviews for comfort, price and quality. I’m definitely snagging this deal to upgrade my sleeping space!

This Dish Rack

Our dishrack can always use an update, especially when it gets all grody from food residue and other grime. This one’s a tiered design, so it takes up much less room on your countertop, so it’s great for small kitchens.

This Silk Pillowcase

I love silk pillowcases for the benefits of smoother skin and hair, plus they just feel super luxurious. I have this exact same pillowcase and I absolutely love it – I can’t believe how much of a discount you’re getting on this one! Highly, highly recommend.

This Air Purifier

These days we’re all thinking about air quality and cleanliness, so for peace of mind I’m picking up this air purifier. The compact design fits anywhere, and it’s whisper-quiet so you won’t even notice it’s on. Great for bedrooms or wherever you spend a lot of time – the pure HEPA filter removes particles as small as .3 microns, or 500 times smaller than a human hair!

This Weighted Blanket

I sleep with my weighted blanket every night, and quite frankly I’m not sure how other people don’t. This one is excellently priced and has almost 3,000 stellar reviews! So calming, so soothing and comes in a variety of colors.

These Outdoor Edison Bulb Lights

We have a string of these Edison bulb lights but they’re nowhere near as nice as these – these ones are commercial grade, heavy-duty designed for outdoor use. They add such a romantic touch and loads of ambience to any space, from patios to decks to strung from a tree for a magical place for dinner, cocktails or just hanging out.

This Entry Rack

Think you don’t have space for an entry rack ? Think again with this super slim design with a coat rack and shoe organizer to hold all your stuff as soon as you enter the “drop zone” inside your front door.

This Animal Waffle Maker

How cute is this animal waffle maker for fun breakfasts or holiday brunches? My kids would (literally) eat these up – the waffle iron’s easy to use and adorable, it’d make a great gift for your favorite hostess too!

This Bidet

If you’ve been thinking about getting a bidet, now’s your chance to jump on this deal! I’ve been bidet-curious for a while, and this one is the perfect jumping off point – it’s easy to install and has multiple cleaning modes, and it even cleans itself!

These Wood Shelves

These wooden shelves are so versatile. You can install them with the geometric brackets pointing up or down, or both ways for a unique look. Perfect for a kids’ room, office, kitchen or living room. And they come in four wood tones to match your existing decor.

These Star Lights

I love this star curtain light to add the perfect dose of sparkle to holiday decorations or for everyday use. It’s water-proof so it can go outside, too! I’m getting these for the holidays for a magical, minimalist display on our front porch.

This Black & Decker Iron

My favorite thing about this Black & Decker Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron is the fact that you can use it to steam clothes right on the hanger since I hate to iron! My husband does like to iron, though, so it’s great that you can use this as both. And it’s got over 7,700 absolutely rave reviews for being the best iron people have ever owned.

This Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are so important during the drier winter months to add some moisture back into the air, plus they smell so amazing when you add yummy essential oils to the water. I have a similar one to this that I use next to my bed because it has a bunch of different colored lights you can use as a subtle nightlight.

These Rugs

This washable rug set is perfect pretty much anywhere in your home – kitchen, bathroom, entry way, laundry room. I love that it comes with two sizes, a runner and a mat so you can customize the placement to your space.

This Turkish Towel Set

I can’t believe the price for this 6-piece Turkish towel set – you get two bath sheets, two hand towels and two face cloths in a variety of pretty colors to choose from. These have over 600 glowing reviews for being thick and thirsty, two things you definitely want in a towel!

This Cooling Mattress Topper

I’m a hot sleeper, and this cooling mattress topper literally looks like heaven on earth. It’s filled with down alternative for a lofty, comfortable place to land which eliminates pressure points for better sleep. It has great ventilation and distributes heat to regulate your temperature, while wicking away sweat to keep you cool and dry. If you’ve got a foam mattress or pad you know how hot those sleep – try this machine-washable topper for sweat-free nights!

This Cordless Screwdriver

We’re trying to become more handy at DIYs around the house, so we can definitely use this cordless screwdriver. It comes with a ton of attachments (36 to be exact) including a ratchet wrench, and it has an LED light to illuminate your work space. Whether you’re hanging pictures or cabinets, this is a useful tool to have in your kit.

This Robot Vacuum

I’ve wanted a robot vacuum as long as I can remember – I just can’t keep up with the hair and dust on our hardwood floors throughout the house! This one has 3,000+ glorious reviews for suction power, battery life and ease of cleaning. At this price, how can I not?

These Blackout Curtains

I have these blackout curtains in both of my kids’ bedrooms and I couldn’t love them more. They come in multiple sizes so you can choose the right length, and a bunch of colors both bright and neutral. And they really work to block the light so your kids finally sleep in – magic I tell you. Those are all the great prime day deals, for more of what we love on Amazon, keep on reading!