The internet's hearts have been melted after seeing a snap of Penn Badgley smiling down at his baby son...

Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke have recently welcomed their first child together.

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This is such wonderful news for the happy couple following several years of trying to start a family.

It hasn't been an easy journey for the pair...

But now, they've shared an adorable snap of their son for the first time.

Now, we all know and love Penn Badgley for gracing our screens in some of our favorite movies and TV shows.

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Penn and his mom relocated to California when he was young to pursue his dream of being an actor.

His first work in the field was a gig doing voiceovers for a children's radio station in Hollywood...

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And it was during this period when it was reported that he was homeschooled alongside his future co-star and partner, Blake Lively.

His adult acting career also started off with voiceovers...

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And his first screen acting credit was on an episode of Will & Grace, which subsequently lead to him appearing on shows such as DaddioThe Brothers García, and What I Like About You.

His first noticeable role was as Phillip Chancellor IV on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, from 2000 to 2001.

But it wasn't until 2007 when Penn landed his major role in Gossip Girl.

Alongside playing the role of Dan Humphery...

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Penn also juggled roles in movies such as The Stepfather, Easy A, and Margin Call.

But there's no denying how Gossip Girl rocketed the young actor to stardom...

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And he very quickly became an iconic teenage heartthrob.

But it's safe to say that we all know Penn best for his role in You.

He plays the creepy librarian, Joe Goldberg, in the hit Netflix thriller series and people were transfixed by his character's obsessive and murderous tendencies.

But alongside being transfixed...

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Viewers were weirdly smitten by Penn's character, even though he stalks his girlfriends and murders people who step in his way.

But seriously...

Just look at him.

Penn threw himself into the role...

And he was widely praised for his portrayal of such an intricate character.

There's no denying that You exposed Penn to a much wider fan base...

And that got fans digging in the actor's personal life.

Penn was in a serious relationship with his then Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively for 3 years...

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And many thought they were the perfect couple.

But when they split up in 2010...

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Fans were devastated, to say the least.

Some things just aren't meant to be!

And when Penn started dating singer Domino Kirke in 2014, things were looking hopeful.

After several years of serious dating, the pair married in 2017...

But when they started to try and plan for a family, Domino sadly suffered 2 miscarriages which was a huge blow for the newly married couple.

The pregnancy losses left the couple feeling "ready to call it."

"I stopped trusting my body and started to accept the fact that I was done," wrote Kirke, who's also mom to son Cassius Riley, born in 2009. "As a birth attendant, I've seen and heard it all. It takes everything I've got to detach lovingly from the losses I've been present for and be in my own experience," explained Domino on Instagram.

She continued.

"When I was pregnant at twenty-five, I knew nothing. I had no community. I dove in blissfully unaware about birth and its mysteries," she said at the time. "Now, with 10 years worth of experience to pull from, I treasure my birth community and the knowledge I have."

The couple didn't give up.

And amazingly, Domino announced that she was pregnant back in February.

Fans were delighted for the pair...

"You're already teaching us how to stay in the day in a way we've never had to, little one. Thank you," Domino wrote, addressing her unborn child.

After months of privacy, Domino took to Instagram on September 20th, 2020 to announce she and Penn had welcomed their first child.

Sharing an artful photo of a heart-shaped print made by a placenta, she simply wrote: "His heart-shaped home.❣️"

And now, for the first time, fans have gotten a proper glimpse at the pair's son.

Domino shared a snap of Penn smiling down at his son and our hearts are well and truly melted.

Take a look at the adorable snap below.

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