Penny Pinchers Rejoice! Here's 37 Amazon Products Straight From Their Secret Bargain Section | 22 Words

A wise man once said, "A penny saved is a penny earned". Clearly, this wise man did his shopping on Amazon and probably hit up the bargain section a few times a week.

This goldmine of a section is filled with top-notch products that give you a ton of bang for your buck. From kitchen decor to the latest in high-tech gadgets, you're guaranteed to find something you need.

Don't worry about sifting through all the awesomeness Amazon has to offer, we've done you a favor and compiled a list of some of the best bargains Amazon has to offer. So grab your debit card, and let's check out 37 of the best products from Amazon's secret bargain section.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.”

A Super-Cute Silicone Scrubber To Deep Clean Your Pores

via: Amazon

This adorable silicone scrubber cleans your pores as well as products that cost 5 times as much. And while it's awesome for the ladies who wear make-up, it provides a gentle, deep clean for the fellas as well.

A Multi-Functional Phone Holder For Hands Free Operation

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There's a ton of different phone holders on the market today but this ultra-affordable unit is one of the best values you can find. The 360 swivel design allows this holder to be used as a stand, a car mount, or a reliable phone grip.

A Cool Q-Tip Holder That Adds A Little Style To Your Bathroom

Sure you could keep your cotton swabs in the box, but that's boring and old-fashioned. This cotton swab holder gives you easy access to your favorite ear cleaners while giving your bathroom some subtle style as well.

This Unique Mini Sandbox Brings A Beach Vacation To You

via: Amazon

Cancel that trip to the Bahamas and bring the Bahamas to you. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but you can have a small slice of tropical heaven right on your desk in just a few clicks. This mini-sandbox is a playful and relaxing way to bring a warm and welcoming aesthetic to any table.

A LED Light Lantern To Keep You Warm

via: Amazon

Sometimes bundling up during your cold camping trips isn't enough. This LED light lantern is perfect for keeping you warm on those cool nights without having to light a fire or risk any safety hazards. It's operated by 3 AA batteries so it's easy to use in almost any situation. It's durable, water-proof, and has 3 power settings to give you complete control.

A Cute Little Groot For Your Roots

via: Amazon

Groot is awesome, plants are awesome...that makes this super cute Groot pot a double win! The pot comes with a drainage hole so its perfect for small plants but can be used for pens, pencils, or any sort of decorations.

A Make-Up Sponge Mini Washing Machine That's Adorable

via: Amazon

This is easily the coolest way to clean your make up sponge. This tiny little washing machine cleans your eggs and sponges much deeper than handwashing and looks super cute while doing it. It's easy to use, low maintenance, and very durable for the price tag.

Wooden Soap Dishes To Keep Your Counters Clean

via: Amazon

These wooden dishes are a great way to keep your bathroom counter clean while adding a little style. One of the best things about this wooden soap dish is the fact it doesn't stain and doesn't contaminate your soap as polyurethane soap holders do.

An All-natural Shave Soap To Soothe Your Skin

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Let's be honest guys, a lot of us are using the same soap on our feet, that we are on our face. Cut it out! This all-natural shave soap keeps your face lubricated and reduces the occurrence of razor bumps and other issues associated with shaving.

An Adorable Pill Bottle That Makes The Perfect Gift

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This pill bottle is one of the cutest gifts you can give. Each pill has a blank piece of paper inside where you can write a cute or funny note for friends and loved ones. After each pill is used, you can hang on to the bottle and use it to hold anything that will fit.

A Wireless Presenter That Makes Meetings A Breeze

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Hosting meetings can present a number of challenges. This wireless presenter helps reduce those problems by incorporating several functions into one handheld device. The DinoFire wireless presenter can advance slides, control your computer, and act as a handy laser pointer as well.

A Colorful Scratch Art Notepad For Kids And Adults

via: Amazon

This colorful notepad is awesome for kids and adults! You can create colorful, stylized notes for friends, family, and co-workers that they'll absolutely love. This notepad is also a great way for your children to work on motor skills and express their creativity.

Wool-Knit Gloves To Keep Your Hands Warm

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These Wool-Knit gloves are perfect for those cool winter days. They go back and forth between fingerless and mittens thanks to a cute little beanie that's conveniently attached to the back of the glove.

Cute Succulent & Cactus Candles That Light Up A Room

via: Amazon

These succulent and cactus candles are a great combination of fashion and function. For a small candle, they burn for an impressive amount of time and emit enough light to illuminate a decent amount of space.

Macaron Storage Boxes That Hold Your Valuables

via: Amazon

Having an old-fashioned jewelry box is just as bad as still using a rotary phone. These super-cute macaron jewelry holders give you a safe and convenient place to stash your valuables, without looking like you just stepped off the Titanic.

A Handmade Shaving Brush That Brings A Bit Of The Past Into The Future

via: Amazon

Anyone who thinks shaving brushes are outdated has never used a shaving brush. This handcrafted brush is perfect for anyone who is a fan of wet shaving. Made from silky soft badger hair, the bristles smoothly and evenly coat your face, helping you achieve the perfect shave.

A Cuticle Nipper To Keep Your Nails Looking Good

via: Amazon

This chameleon colored cuticle nipper is am awesome addition to anyone's lineup of nail care products. The trimmer and scrapers come with a sturdy no-slip handle that makes cleaning up those cuticles easy and pain-free.

Natural Melatonin That Helps You Hit The Hay

via: Amazon

I’m a light sleeper who spent years having trouble getting a good night’s rest. These melatonin gummies have made it much easier to get the full night’s sleep my body deserves after a long day. They’re an all-natural sleep aid so you won’t have to worry about forming any habits or waking up feeling groggy. I strongly recommend them to anyone who’s spending their nights tossing and turning.

A Set Of Closet Hangers To Keep You Organized

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These wall closet organizers do a great job helping you stay organized and save space in any room in your home. The vibrant colors and wood accent help create a clean and friendly aesthetic that's right at home in a bedroom, laundry room, or linen closet.


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Stress is the silent killer, so anything you can do to reduce stress is very important. These stress balls are a small but effective way to mellow out without having to get up from your seat. Each stress ball has its own unique, positive quote to help get you through the day.

A Crystal Clear Wireless Charger To Keep Your Phone Powered Up

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Wireless chargers are quickly increasing in popularity and for good reason. The ability to charge any type of phone quickly and conveniently is something no one could pass up. This crystal clear wireless charger gives your phone the juice it needs and does so at a very reasonable price.

Car Coasters To Keep The Inside Of Your Ride Clean

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Most people don't realize the damage your cup holders take from the drinks and things they secure. These coasters help keep the unsung portions of your car protected from condensation and anything else that may eff up your ride.

A Wooden Tic Tac Toe Set For Old Fashioned Fun

via: Amazon

Tic Tac Toe will literally always be fun. This particular Tic Tac Toe set is not only tons of entertainment but also look awesome as a centerpiece on your living room table. It's sturdy and stylish wooden design is guaranteed to bring family and friends together for this timeless classic.

A Laundry Basket With An Important Reminder

via: Amazon

This awesome little laundry basket holds your dirty underwear but also reminds you that if you don't do your laundry today, you'll be naked tomorrow!

A USB Masquerading As A Tiny Camera

via: Amazon

This awesome little USB conceals itself in the shell of a mini DSLR camera. Sure, all USB sticks serve the same purpose, but when they add a little flair while being a solid performer, that's how you make your way onto our list of top Amazon bargains.

A Chest Pack With A Built In USB Port

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This stylish chest pack not only stores your valuables safely and securely, but it also has a built-in USB port for charging your electronics. It's an awesome combination of fashion and function at a very reasonable price.

All-Purpose Baby Ointment From A Well Known Name

via: Amazon

Burt's Bees products are known for their superior moisturizing products. This all-natural baby ointment is no different thanks to its rash-soothing, ultra-lubricating performance. This ointment can be used for a number of things, including eczema, chapped lips, and full-body moisturizing.

A Handy Earwax Removal Kit

via: Amazon

Earwax is so icky. No better to get it out than this 6 piece removal box that comes with enough tools to give your ears the deep clean they need.

A Portable Blender That Gives You Juice On The Go

via: Amazon

There's always time for a quick cup of all-natural juice with this small and powerful blender. The 6 piece blade and strong motor combine to give you perfectly blended juices, shakes, and baby food.

A HandyHot Dog Toaster For Some Delicious Nostalgia

via: Amazon

Toasters aren't just for bread anymore. This handy hot dog toaster cooks your hot dog and buns to perfection. The vintage Coca Cola wrapping brings a bit of the past into the future. This is a super cute kitchen accessory that cooks as good as it looks.

A Foot Massager For Some Serious Relief

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Our feet carry a lotta weight and they should be rewarded for their daily efforts. This wooden massage roller is designed to trigger target points throughout your foot and deliver some serious pain relief.

A Coconut Lip Scrub To Give Your Lips Some Moisture

I live in super-hot and dry Phoenix Arizona where a good lip balm is a must. This coconut lip scrub has enough moisturizing power to last me just about a full day without having to reapply even on the dryest days.

A TravelCosmetic Bag That Carries All Your Make Up

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This collapsable makeup bag has much more space than meets the eye. The barrel shape and storage pockets create room for all your makeup and accessories.

A Beanie With A Literal Light On It

This beanie manages to somehow remain stylish with an incredibly functional LED light attached. This is perfect for long camping trips where you wanna keep your hands free to carry wood or any other campfire accessories.

A Set Of Towels That Help You Keep Your Cool

These cooling towels are a real steal at their rock-bottom price. You simply wet the towel, snap it a few times, and walla, you have cooling that lasts up to a staggering 3 hours.

A Tantrum Memo That Lets You Freak Out In The Most Polite Way Possible

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If you're going to throw a tantrum, its best that everyone knows it. The best way to deliver the message, is to well....literally deliver the message. These cute tantrum memos let everyone know when you're in a mood.

A Prehistoric Nightlight That Gets The Kids In Bed

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Putting your little ones to bed can be the hardest thing in the world some nights. This awesome 3-D dinosaur night light gives them something to look forward to at bedtime. It comes in 7 different colors and is touch-activated, making it easy for your child to turn on and off.