People Are Accusing Sarah Michelle Gellar of ‘Child Abuse’ for Taking Her Son to Get a Manicure

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You know how sometimes you wish certain people could be your parents because they’re just the absolute coolest? Like, even though you’re way too old to be adopted, you still wish they could welcome you into their family with open arms?

Well for us, that’s actress and entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Gellar. As if we already weren’t obsessed with her for bringing one of the most iconic female characters on TV to life, we’re now completely in love because she recently tore down gender norms as a badass mom. Seriously, Freddie and Sarah – adopt us!

They’ve been married for nearly 16 years, which is roughly about 100 in Hollywood. They’re parents to Charlotte and Rocky, and we can’t stress how much we love this family.

She often posts about her kids on her Instagram. And as you can see, she’s awesome. She took Charlotte to a Katy Perry concert, which is pretty much every little girl’s dream.

These kids have it made! How many times can we ask Gellar to adopt us? There’s a limit on that, right?

It’s impossible to not melt at the cuteness and sweetness. Gellar documented the entire thing on her Instagram story, and the world collectively died over how adorable it all was. Well, most of the world.

The pics surfaced on Facebook, and the internet trolls were unleashed! One man, Dave Corbin, commented, “5 years old…’re brainwashing this kids with your sick ideologies.” What did the other trolls say?

“This kind of thing should be outlawed as child abuse! It can cause a child to doubt their true gender,” wrote Lee Erwin Brockmann.
Can someone please kick Brockmann and Corbin off of the internet forever?

It’s sick that people will throw such harsh accusations at someone for doing something that they aren’t comfortable with. Especially when that nail color is fabulous. 

And not to mention combatting the idea of toxic masculinity. Gellar is no longer just slaying vampires – she’s slaying parenthood y’all.

While it may be depressing to read the comments from the trolls, it’s way more wonderful to focus on all the support that’s coming forward. While the internet surely can be a wormhole of bad news, there’s so many delightful and wonderful things that come from it. Like strangers being moved to tears by a 5-year-old boy getting his nails done.

Don’t mess with Buffy. She’s a queen on and off the screen. But seriously… can she adopt us?