People Are Calling for Babies To Be Banned From Movie Theaters

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If there’s 1 movie we’ve all been waiting for this year, it was Spider-Man: No Way Home, and wasn’t it just as awesome as we’d anticipated it to be? Don’t worry if you’ve not got round to watching it yet though, no spoilers here, about the movie, anyway.


Because there was a spoiler for someone who sat in the movies, ready to be immersed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

A crying baby.

Now, we know that momma’s and pappa’s alike might be itching to see the new Spider-Man, but it’s hard to do so when you’re wearing your children on your hips.

So, you think the only solution is to just bring them, hoping that they won’t kick up a fuss. But, when they do, you have no idea how much of a buzz kill it can really be, especially when you’ve spent time away from beloved social media apps so that nothing spoils the movie for you.


Well, 1 guy took to Reddit to express exactly how infuriating it was for him to sit through Spider-Man: No Way Home with an unsettled child in the same screen room as him.

“Holy sh*t. Just got back from seeing the new Spider-Man movie (no spoilers but it was pretty good) and maybe 6 seats to my left were a mother and father who had come with their baby,” he began on the Reddit platform.

“Throughout every emotional and major scene in the movie, the baby was crying or screaming and frankly made the movie significantly less enjoyable.


“The mother took the baby out only once after it had been shrieking for 5 straight minutes, despite it constantly making noise for about 1/3 of the movie, and once she came back it started to work itself up again,” the user continued.

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And if calling the baby “it” didn’t indicate that the Spider-Man enthusiast was a little ticked off, then the rest of his post did.

“I don’t understand why you can’t get a babysitter for your baby for the 3 hours you’re going to be at the movies, but instead have to bring the baby to the theaters and actively make everyone’s viewing experience worse.


“I don’t mind babies in other settings, but a f*cking movie??? Let alone a loud, action movie??? Come on! Theaters really need to ban babies,” he finished expressing his frustration.

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And honestly, we get it. I can’t even stand people talking through a movie, let alone screaming. Big nope.

It seemed as though a lot of other people shared their frustration, too. With 1 person expressing that they: “Had a baby crying during A Quiet Place. That doubly ruins the mood.”

And someone else wrote: “If you don’t know your kid well enough, don’t go. If your kid starts showing signs of fussing, get up and leave. It’s not that hard, parents are just entitled.”


“Also like… No wonder baby is crying. It’s properly distressed due to loud, unfamiliar noises and dark room with weird lights. Also strange smells, voices that aren’t mum or dad… f*ck this is so unfair to the baby,” another voiced on the platform.

What do you think? Should babies be banned from movie theaters? Or just all future Marvel movies?