People Are Calling for Father's Day to Be Renamed Because 'Not Everyone Has a Dad' | 22 Words

Your dad has probably supported you through the good times and the hard, and Father's Day is a time to acknowledge that.

But what about those children who have lost their fathers, or don't have contact with them.

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Fathers Day can be a difficult time for some people for various reasons.

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Some people may be without their father or some may not know them.

But, for others, it is a great time of the year.

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And one that we look forward to.

It's a time when we can spoil our loved one.

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Do for them, what they have done for us all these years.

A chance to show our appreciation for all that they do for us.

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The good and the bad stuff, day in day out.

Even the little things like when your tire needed changing.


Or they brought your favorite snack from the grocery store.

For many of us, it is a positive day.

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Not for everyone though.

Some children are without their dads.

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Some may unfortunately not know them or have lost them.

And for those, Father's Day is probably a day that is a lot harder to cope with.

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One that could bring sadness, which is why some people have called for it to be renamed.

They are calling for Father Days to be renamed because not everyone has a dad.

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They believe by rebranding to another name, it will help those who are without a father.

One woman who has lost her father shared her call for the rebrand on Twitter.

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She wrote, "We really have to start an alternative rebranding of the day for those of us who have fathers who have passed on..."

The idea caused a divide online.

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With differing opinions being shared.

Some were understanding of why people might want the name changed.

One user wrote, "Her tweet is that of a child grieving the loss of her parent. She's dreading Father's Day because it's a reminder that her father is no longer with her. She knows that Father's Day will never be cancelled".

Others explained that despite losing their dads they still celebrate the day.

They even offered ways to help, writing: "I love remembering my dad on Father’s Day, but it’s been a few years now. I suggest making it a day to reflect on the good memories and feelings."

Although, not everyone agrees with this idea.

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Some took to the platform to share their thoughts on the idea.

One Twitter user described the idea as crazy.

Whilst others pointed out that there are bigger issues happening in the world currently.

One user even explained that she herself doesn't have her father, but she doesn't agree with the proposed change.

They wrote, "Father’s Day has always triggered me because my father is a deadbeat, and you don’t see me crying to have it renamed".

Some even claimed that if we are changing Father's Day we should change other names as well.

They wrote, "I think we should also have a rebranding of “anniversary" for people who are divorced, of “Halloween" for diabetics who cannot eat candy, of “first day of spring" for hay fever sufferers, and of Valentine’s Day for people who aren’t in a relationship."

This isn't the first time this discussion has arose.

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The topic is mentioned almost every year around this time.

And the same happens when Mother's Day happens to.

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But so far, there has been no actual proposition of change.

We hope those who are without their fathers, are still able to celebrate how special their dads were.


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