People Are Calling Kathleen Zellner’s New Crime Documentary the ‘Best Documentary They’ve Ever Watched’

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Making A Murderer’s Kathleen Zellner is back on our screens, and this time she’s back with a vengeance.

The formidable defense attorney, who is known best for her ability to bust innocent people out of jail, has returned in Netflix’s latest crime documentary. But, instead of battling for Steven Avery’s freedom (which she’s still working on, by the way), Zellner has been fighting for the rights of another man.

The documentary has been heralded by viewers as the “best documentary ever watched.”

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as settling down on the couch, grabbing the popcorn bowl, and binging hours of grizzly murder documentaries.

Our obsession with these documentaries has only grown, with the selection of violent murder cases and disturbing crime stories being simply endless.

Making A Murderer hit Netflix back in 2015, and instantly had the world hooked.

And, to this day, people are still divided over Steven Avery’s innocence.

In 1985, Avery was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. He was eventually found guilty, and went on to serve eighteen years behind bars for the crime – but it was later revealed that he was falsely convicted.

And, as a result, he was eventually released.

In 2005, a freelance photographer named Teresa Halbach went missing after taking some pictures at the Avery auto-salvage. Steven Avery was ultimately convicted of the crime.

In the second season of Making A Murderer, Zellner took over Avery’s case.

And she has made it her life’s mission to ensure that Avery gets exonerated for the crime and is allowed his freedom once more.

And she even offered a huge reward to anyone who has information that could lead to the conviction of who she believes to be the true killer.

Zellner has been simultaneously working on the case of Ryan Ferguson, a young man who was wrongly convicted of the murder of Kent Heitholt in 2001.

It took a jury less than 6 hours to determine the then-twenty-year-old as guilty of murder, thus slamming him behind bars for life.

Ferguson was convicted after his friend, Charles Erickson “dreamt” that he had committed the murder. Erickson had been partying with Fergusson that night and implicated his friend when he confessed.

And he spent years gathering evidence and tracking down witnesses.

In 2009, 8-years after his sentencing, Zellner caught wind of this particular case and stepped in to offer her expertise.

And she battled tirelessly to free the then twenty-nine-year-old.

Titled Dream/Killer, the documentary was actually released in 2015 but has just dropped on Netflix this week… And people are loving it.

With some people even dubbing it as one of the “best documentaries ever made”.

And the efforts she went through to prove her client as innocent.

I demand that you go and watch the documentary immediately. But, if you’re still curious about the bizarre case of Stephen Avery, keep scrolling…