People Are Celebrating Matt Lauer's Comeuppance by Posting Hilarious Ann Curry Memes | 22 Words

People Are Celebrating Matt Lauer’s Comeuppance by Posting Hilarious Ann Curry Memes

By Namina Forna

In early 2012, there was a mysterious codename floating in the halls of NBC's prized morning show, the Today show. It was called "Operation Bambi," and it had a disturbing meaning. It was a concerted effort orchestrated by longtime Today show anchor Matt Lauer to oust his then co-host Ann Curry. Lauer had named his sinister effort "Operation Bambi," because getting rid of Ann Curry, a longtime veteran reporter for NBC credited in part with giving the organization its reputation for hard-hitting journalism (interspersed with entertainment and hokey comedy beats, of course) would be tantamount to "killing Bambi."

Curry was fired in June of 2012, and her tearful departure message is still as visceral today as it was then. Many people speculated that her abrupt departure had been Lauer's doing, but NBC alleged that Curry had been fired because Today's ratings began to lag behind competitor Good Morning America.

Lauer was finally fired today, and social media is rejoicing.