People are Crocheting Couches for Their Cats and Our Hearts Are Full

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It’s good to keep yourself busy and occupied in the current times.

Some people have been using this free time to learn new skills.

And for some, those skills are crocheting couches for their cats.

Keep reading to see the crochet couches…

You might not think there’s much to do at home.

By learning or practicing a skill.

Or develop your knowledge of the garden.

Or practise your baking skills.

Then you could crochet a couch for your cat. Obviously.

By creating somewhere for them to lounge.

We think it’s the best trend to resurface for a while.

Keep scrolling to see the cats enjoying their crocheted beds.

Reddit user Katie229141 wrote “It took 4 months but it finally happened! My cat actually sat in the sofa I crocheted for her ?”

Instagram account @wolvyncreations posted a picture of Simba enjoying his and wrote: “Cat couches don’t have to just go on the floor!”.

Reddit user oopoopmagoo shared a picture of their creation stating “I bit the bullet and made the kitty couch – I think she likes it”.

Reddit user Chaldene93 wrote “Kitty couch finished! I think that Cookie Dough approves.” We have to agree!

Also posted to Reddit this user wrote “I didn’t expect my cat would ever sit on my completed cat couch, but when I woke up the next morning, he had already found it!”

Posted on Crochetville forum this crocheter wrote “I got this pattern to make a crocheted kitty couch and my cat Callie really likes it as you can see. She relaxing and watching the birdies outside the patio door.”

This Reddit user wrote, “I figured if I’m sitting at home on the couch all the time, the cats should get to do that too.” He looks very content with his little spot.

As his couch even looks like an L shape couch.

The Instagram user @my_knotty_hobby shared her creation and will even be treating her cat to some pillows as she wrote, “I skipped the skirt, but will be making some #catnip infused throw #pillows.”

Which even includes a cat blanket.

Maybe Sushi will be sticking to her normal cat bed.

Nope, she’s even made another crocheted couch for her cat, Soup.

Given to the crocheter’s mom’s cat, this cat must have had a good birthday!

This bright orange one was a homemade gift for Barkley, who seems to be enjoying it.

Her owner wrote “She gets all of the good things from her mom, and I get to crochet/knit her things like toys and…couches.”

This crochet couch even has a frill on the bottom and the cat looks very happy with it.

Will lockdown have you crocheting your cat a couch?