People Are Freaking out About How Similar This Game of Thrones Character Looks to George RR Martin

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This ’70s throwback photo of the series’s author has people noticing a similarity to the star of the hit show.

And throughout it’s run, a number of stars have come and gone. Usually in a fiery, bloody mess.

One is George RR Martin, the world-renowned author of the original Song of Ice and Fire series on which the show is based.

Who is world-renowned for his rugged masculinity, knowing absolutely nothing, and…

It is true, his butt fits the golden ratio — this is how good looking he is.

Whereas George RR Martin is an extremely talented author

He has a golden brain, okay? But what if we told you that these two have way more in common looks-wise than you’d think?

Seriously, the only way this photo could be more 1970’s is if Richard Nixon was in the background waiting in line for gas.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The young George RR Martin looks a lot like current day Jon Snow.

Plenty of people were happy to have their vision of Jon Snow permanently locked in the golden ratio state.

Frankly, this just makes it even more charming, and we didn’t think that was possible.

There’s no doubt Martin was into the Northern Warrior look long before his work took over modern television. But things quickly went down hill from there…

Ok, now we’re mixing television universes in a way that is fully unacceptable.

It’s over, everyone. We’ve brought this on ourselves. Now, let’s all go home and ponder the long winter yet to come.