People Are Freaking Out After Finding Out They Can 'Hear' a Soundless GIF | 22 Words

We've all heard of optical illusions, but what about audio-visual illusions? That's right, they affect your hearing while also completely messing up your mind.

And the latest one has left everyone confused...

Optical illusions can really make you feel strange.

There's something about the way that they can disrupt our sense of reality that makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable.

And they're always popular online.

While a lot of internet content seems to be a little problematic, controversial, or divisive, it's nice to be able to all agree on something.

Just to sit back and enjoy something weird.

from pics
Like this bizarre picture in which at least one of the girls appears to have no legs.

Or what about this infamous image?

via: Instagram

This picture was originally shared on Instagram, and people went wild, questioning whether it showed some super greasy legs - or some expertly placed white paint.

For some reason, the feeling of confusion is strangely pleasant.

Perhaps it feels nice to give up control and admit that the world is just weird and crazy.

Although that isn't always the case.

Sometimes, a particular optical illusion will come along that just sends the internet crazy - and not in a good way.

One such picture has gone viral this week.

It all started with a GIF.

One Twitter user posted a GIF of a pylon skipping rope with the power line between 2 other towers.

Upon the pylon landing on the ground after each jump, the GIF shakes. Leaving everyone confused...

Certain people can actually hear the GIF...

Even though there's no sound playing. Weird right?

Chris Fassnidge, an expert in the field said the phenomenon was just an Auditory Response...

"This is the ability of some people to hear moving objects even though they don’t make a sound, which may be a subtle form of synaesthesia – the triggering of one sense by another."

One thing's for sure...

We can't wrap our heads around it, but there's definitely a noise.

Check it out below...

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