People Are Giving Loved Ones Bouquets of Chicken Nuggets for Valentine’s Day

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Chicken nuggets are cheaper than dinner for 2.

People have started a strange trend for Valentine’s day, and everyone’s going crazy for it.

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Valentine’s day might just be a big corporate scheme, but it doesn’t have to be.  

It’s no surprise that card and flower companies exploit Valentine’s day for all it’s worth, but the day itself happens to have a rich history. Scroll to the end to see the bizarre bouquets people have been getting for their loved ones.

It all started in the third century… With a guy called Claudius the second; he banned his people from getting married because he believed it made his soldiers weeker.

One of Claudius’ Roman priests – St. Valentine – felt this was out of order, and began marrying the soldiers behind his back.

When Claudius found out about St. Valentine’s betrayal, he was sentenced to jail. Funnily enough, this is where he met the love of his life. Ironic, right?

The love of his life turned out to be the jailer’s daughter, which was obviously forbidden.

St. Valentine was sentenced to death. It’s what he did before his execution that created the tradition of Valentine’s day.

Signed “your Valentine,” just before being executed on February the 14th.

Nowadays, it’s a way for people to express their love and gratitude for the special people in their lives. And a way for big companies to turn the holiday into a big money-making event.  

According to the National Retail Federation, people are expected to spend an average of $161 on Valentine’s day.  

Valentine’s day has seen many people around the world celebrate the day in wacky and wonderful ways, to show the people they love that they care. Here are just 15 of the best.  

People have started traveling to different places around the world to share their love of cultures with one another. I have to admit, I’d much rather spend my money on an adventure rather than book a meal in an overcrowded restaurant.

This might not be something you want your partner to do for you, or even wear in the same room as you, but this trend of dressing up as Cupid has become quite popular at Valentine’s day parties. If you’re not really the romantic type, this could be just the thing you need.

This is basically a singles awareness day. It has created a space for people who are focusing on loving themselves or people who haven’t found the one yet. It’s a great idea to create a reason to give yourself the care and love you deserve. Just remember, self-care shouldn’t just be for one day. And don’t ever worry about being alone on Valentine’s day, everyone is at different points in their lives! Treat yourself to a bit of Valentine’s day love.  

People have started to celebrate Valentine’s day in groups with their close friends. There’s no rule that you have to spend the day with just your significant other. After all, Valentine’s day is all about showing gratitude to all the people you love in your life.

Some people are taking to the streets to offer hugs to complete strangers. Because, why not?  

I don’t usually need an excuse to buy myself something, but if St. Valentine wants to give me another reason to buy myself a new handbag, then I’m not complaining. Go ahead and splurge on yourself!

Changing the date of Valentine’s day is a pretty good idea because it allows people to celebrate with their loved ones without being stuck in an overcrowded restaurant. This also lets couples find a day that best suits them.

It’s time to crack open the boxed wine and scour Netflix for the best chick flicks to watch with your besties. This is a cheap and fun-filled alternative to the more traditional V-Day celebrations.

Some people think the best way to show you care on Valentine’s day is to buy the most expensive gift. But I guarantee if you put the effort into getting something your partner actually wants, you’re doing so much better. Even if you don’t think its particularly romantic, it shows you’ve put thought into your gift.

Going for a late-night drive can be romantic, and also gives you a chance to talk to each other without any disruptions. It can be difficult to find the time to spend alone together without life getting in the way, but simple things like going for a drive together can show the other you’re making the effort to spend time with them.

Why not share the love by donating what you’d usually spend on the day, to a charity of your choice and make a difference.

Some people are embracing the single life, as tempting as it is to find a fellow singleton to spend the night with, it can be just as good to spend that time with yourself. It’s just as (if not more) important to work on feeling the love for yourself. Why not spend Valentine’s day with yourself and work on what you want to have achieved within the year? Then treat yourself to a nice meal and a cheeky glass of champagne?

People might think it’s a bit over the top, but they are a cute way to spend some cozy time with your partner. Why not bond over your matching onesies, which don’t have to just be for Valentine’s day.

Roses are usually the most gifted things on Valentine’s day, but people are taking the classic gift and putting their own spin on it. Keep scrolling to see what people are making.

There has been an uprising of people giving bouquets of chicken nuggets to their loved ones.

Nearly all of the Instagram pictures show nuggets on sticks, some accompanied by fries, and some with chocolates included in the bouquet too.

Who’s to say guys can’t enjoy a bouquet of roses, or a nice box of chocolates. However, if your guy loves his meat, Manly Man Company offers half-pound rose and daisy bouquets made of beef jerky.

I think I might just stay in by myself with Disney plus and eat copious amounts of ice cream. Anything’s better than a bouquet of beef jerky.