People Are Giving Themselves Hilariously Bad Haircuts During Quarantine | 22 Words

Many of us are not looking our best during quarantine, especially in the hair department. Hair salons and barbershops are not considered essential businesses, which means that no one can head out for their monthly glow up. So what do you do when you're stuck at home and desperately need to tame your mane? People are risking it all by giving themselves quarantine haircuts and the results are hilarious.

We’re pushing through as long as we can – though some people have to pull it together because they're an essential worker, prefer to look presentable for Zoom calls, or just prefer to keep up with hair maintenance. Either way, some people need and want their hair cut and during these times they’re willing to do whatever to make that happen.

They're doing it themselves or asking their spouse, kids, or roommate for help and sharing their quarantine haircut on social media. As expected the outcomes are terrible but absolutely hilarious and we're sharing them here just in case you need inspiration, a good laugh, or both.

With hair salons and barbershops closed across the world, people have been resorting to giving themselves hair cuts.

And the results are hilarious.

It's because of hair cuts like this that hats were invented.

This is epically hilarious.

Did your marriage vows include giving your spouse a haircut?

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Good thing he said he liked her work.

This guy may not remember the haircuts his mom gave him as a kid.

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His head must be lumpy.

This is definitely not going to look good.

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It's hard not to laugh at this person's reaction.

Post-apocalyptic haircuts are a thing now.

Don't leave the razors where the kids can reach them.

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They're bored too and shouldn't be underestimated.

Neither of this kid's parents could get it right.

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I'm really wondering what it would look like if they had kept chopping their kid's hair.

This at home haircut doesn't look that bad.

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Maybe the party is in the back.

The most unique way to give someone an at home haircut while keeping your social distance.

Now this is how you do it, folks.

This baby's face says it all.

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At least there aren't any play dates scheduled amy time soon.

The pandemic is bringing bowl cuts back.

Of course someone just had to do it.

I can't stop looking at this bad haircut.

Good thing he shared this on Twitter so we can all enjoy.

We can tell this was an at home haircut from far.

It's just not looking good for a lot of people.

The look on your face when you know you've made a huge mistake.

I would just stop after the first buzz with the clippers.

There are people embracing their DIY haircuts.

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Everyone is cutting bangs.

Let's call it the Youtube quarantine haircut special.

Hair styling is more than just watching one Youtube tutorial.

Pink also felt that she could give herself a haircut which turned out to be a huge fail.

Glad to see Pink staying home and sharing her hair dilemma that most of us are having too.

This person is absolutely freaked out by the sound of the clippers.

At the hands of an amateur, very brave.

Why not go for a look you've always wanted to try?

If not now, when?

This at home haircut is looking kind of fashionable.

Or maybe I've seen too many and my eyes are playing tricks on me.

With more practice this could be a cool design, or not.

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This person knows exactly what they've done.

It's fun to see the humor in all of this.

Two styles that we are not ready for.

Another brave hair styling brought to you by the quarantine.

This person says they will try again because they have not learned how bad this haircut is.

We bet the next attempt will be hilarious too.

It will probably take days to cut a toddlers hair.

A task no parent will want to manage but these days, it must be done.

The suspense is killing me, but also making me laugh.

I think a bowl cut during quarantine is the natural progression of our lives right now.

Another that will need to wear a hat for days.

Someone didn't check the clippers before starting.

This is next level bad.

It's such a bad haircut you can't help but laugh. Love these? Stay tuned for the weirdest things people have been doing while in quarantine.