Public Service Announcement: "Face Bras" are now a thing, and they are claiming to completely get rid of double chins.

Where do we sign up?

Keep scrolling to read more about this bizarre invention, and to find out where you can get one for yourself...

The world of fashion is one weird and wonderful place...

If not a little scary at times.

But recently, one company has outdone all of the strange garments out there...

By inventing a face bra. Yes, as in a bra for your face. It really is the most bizarre invention, but people are scrambling to get their own for one important reason. But first, let's take a look at some of the strangest designs out there...

1. Crop-tops for men.

via: ASOS

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with these tops, but... well, I am. These should not be a thing and I will not support any male that wants to be a part of the crop-top movement.

2. Denim knee-high boots... With pockets.

via: Browns Fashion

It's the pockets that don't do it for me. What are you supposed to keep in there? Your keys? And the price really isn't going to work out for me either - They are currently being sold for $1,600.

3. Distressed Mesh.

via: Dolls Kill

I'm pretty distressed knowing that people are walking around wearing "distressed" clothing. Especially mesh.

4. Transparent shoes.

via: Pretty Little Thing

These might be a bit weird, but it's one of the only items on this list that I am loving. When no other shoes will match with your outfit, these will always have your back. Practical and stylish, what's not to love?

5. Crocs with socks.

via: ALFIE

You'll either love it or hate it. And I hate it. Crocs should have never been a thing. The sock should have never been added. This whole thing should not have happened.

6. Platform crocs.

via: YOOX

Just when you thought that crocs couldn't get worse - they do. And these ugly shoes will cost you over 500 dollars. Save your hard-earned money and go get yourself a pair of flip-flops.

7. Mixing animal prints.

via: Shein

For block-color lovers like me, this has to be my worst nightmare. This kind of dress is not for everybody, so purchase with caution.

8. Lambskin shoes.

via: FarFetch

Imagine walking down the street and stepping in a puddle with these on. Soggy sheepskin shoes. How appealing.

9. Socks with sandals.

via: Nasty Gal

This is another one that you either love or hate. After crocs with socks, we obviously have to mention socks with sandals in general, because the trend is well and truly a thing in society now. After seeing these sheer socks paired with cheetah print platforms, honestly, I'm sold.

10. Car mat skirts.

via: Balenciaga

Balenciaga has been known for its weird fashion trends, but it doesn't get much weirder than this. Car mat skirts. It's a no from me.

11. Double jeans.

via: Net-A-Porter

Double denim is already quite risky, so why the hell would you want to wear these out? And for $500?!

12. Sweater Sleeves.

via: Twitter

That's it, just the sleeves. For those summer days when you're missing winter.

13. Unicorn sneakers.

via: ASOS

Would grown adults buy themselves a pair of these? ASOS seems to think so.

14. Twenty-Four Carat Meggings.

via: Kapow Meggings

Metallic meggings (leggings for men) have made a comeback and we still aren't here for it.

15. Flower-Vase Hair.

via: Instagram // @taytay_xx

Credit where credit is due, this is pretty artistic. And it's good for adding an extra foot to your height. But I don't think that I'll be walking around with flowers on my head any time soon.

16. Glitter Bucket Hats.

via: ASOS

This fashion trend made a comeback late in 2018 and has managed to seep through into 2020. I was never a fan of bucket hats in general, but it's a trend that is slowly growing on me.

17. Neon cycle shorts.

via: Boohoo

If you're not going cycling, stay away from these shorts. They're not as cute as you think.

18. Transparent Handbags.

via: Topshop

These handbags are cute and trendy and, just like the transparent shoes, I will be getting myself one of these. The only thing that I won't be doing is carrying what I usually carry in my non-transparent bags.

19. See-through lace shorts.

via: Hologram City

I'm just going to leave this here and move on... Lace shorts for men are an actual thing and they come with a matching lace shirt for all of you that want one!

20. And, last but not least...

via: Face Bra

Face Bras.

The Australian company, appropriately named Face Bra, has revealed its eyebrow-raising device...

via: Face Bra

And they claim that their invention can completely abolish double chins.

I bet that caught your attention, didn't it?

via: Face Bra

The "bra" acts as a compression strap that is wrapped under the chin and around the rest of the head, pulling the skin from the chin upwards.

Okay, so there isn't actually any scientific evidence that the compression strap can completely rid someone's face of a double chin...

via: Face Bra

But Face Bra is adamant that their device has a positive effect on abolishing that dreaded second chin.

And I suppose there's only one way to find out...

via: Face Bra

You can look at investing in your own double-chin-abolisher here. If you've had enough of strange fashion, and want to read about some iconic fashion moments, keep scrolling...