People Are Going Crazy for Reusable Bra Liners That Banish Uncomfortable Sweat During Heatwaves

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There’s nothing like sweaty cleavage to put you off wearing your favorite summer dresses.

Ever been out with a special someone on a romantic summer escapade? You’ve arrived totally prepared – you look great, you smell great, or so you think… You leave the date feeling like the sexiest, most sophisticated lady on the planet, only to get home and discover the eye-catching sweat marks seeping through your dress. Great.

Because, let’s face it, they don’t warn us about boob sweat in school, do they? No one ever told me: look, you’re gonna need to deodorize your pits and underneath your lady lumps.

Frankly, that advice would have been no good anyway – you can’t deodorize away the perils of boob sweat on a hot summer day. If you’ve got big boobs, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But don’t fear, this new product may be the answer to that summer problem. Forget hiding your boobs in baggy t-shirts!

Girl, it’s time to wear whatever you darn well want.

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No more sweaty cleavage!

But, before we look at these bad boys, let’s look at other ways that we could avoid boob sweat.

Buying anything online is risky and, sometimes, you just can’t splash out on things like this – and they are fairly pricey… Well, for those on the hunt for another way to prevent that inevitable summer boob sweat, we’ve come up with some ideas!

This stuff is great for keeping your skin dry and sweat-free. Think of it as the boob equivalent of face powder that keeps your face from looking shiny – baby powder will keep your underboobs from getting sweaty. And it was designed for babies, so it shouldn’t irritate your skin.

A lot of bras are made out of synthetic materials like polyester and rayon. The materials trap heat and will stop the sweat from evaporating, meaning it will hang around for everyone to see. Try a cotton bra for less sweaty results.

You may have thought that sports bras were just for the gym-going types… wrong! Sports bras are specially designed to support anyone expected to sweat. Trust me, get yourself a sports bra; it will be much better than your standard bra when trying to manage the summer heat.

If you can’t stop your boobs from producing sweat, why not opt for black? That way, you won’t get dark patches appearing on your top.

For a lot of people, it’s not their boobs that are producing the sweat, rather it’s the bra not letting the skin breathe. Well, rather than looking for a breathable bra, why not ditch the bra altogether?

Another option is to embrace your sweatiness! It’s the summer, for crying out loud! You’re not a vampire, you’re not made of stone, you are a human-being with pores and sweat glands and it is perfectly natural for your body to perspire in hot temperatures.

Tired of feeling embarrassed about your sweat patches? Why should you? Let’s reclaim sweat and be proud of our bodies’ natural processes!

Did you know that sweating is actually good for you? According to the experts, a dermatologist to be precise, “it helps with water balance for your entire body. It also contains a natural moisturizing factor, which helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy.” So let the sweat reign!

Their revolutionary Cool 58® Phase Change Cooling Packs are designed to freeze at 14°C, providing the cooling temperature of 58ºF.

Just like Cinderella, you will have to keep your eye on the clock. These bad boys will keep you cool for a pretty reasonable 1.5 hours.

Don’t worry, these nifty cooling inserts won’t make it look as though you’ve stuffed something down your top. They are small and lightweight.

Well, this is where this product and its polar science technology gets really exciting…

That’s right, folks! You won’t need to take a portable freezer with you to refreeze these bad boys. As the freezing temperature of the cooling packs is 14°C, once they’ve defrosted, all you need is a cup of ice water and bam, they’re ready to go back in your bra.

All you need to do is take the cooling packs and put them in a glass of ice water for ten to fifteen minutes and you’re all set! They’ll have refrozen for another hour and a half of boob sweat-free fun.

For that extra bit of comfort, the reusable pads come in soft and kind-to-the-skin cotton covers.

I know, splashing out on something like this may seem unnecessary, but, sometimes it’s important to treat yourself. What better thing to treat yourself to than the gift of a boob-sweat free summer? The price of which currently stands at $37.11.

The people over at Polar products currently have a 10% discount deal on the boob coolers, normally, they cost $41.21! It’s only a saving of just over $4 dollars, but that’s the price of a summer cocktail (if you know where to go) or a burger, or something else, you know?

Whether you decide to get the cooler inserts, wear a sports bra, cover yourself in talcum powder, release those nips or embrace the sweat, or buy these freezable bra inserts, just make sure that you’re comfortable! If you’re comfy, that’s all that matters, gurl.  

Well, it might just be the best yet. Reusable, sweat-absorbing bra liners!

And after wearing, you can throw them in the laundry, ready for next time!

(Nearly) one for every day of the week!

“I was so sore beneath my boobs and had tried everything I could, but these solved the issue. They take a while to work out how to get them in place. I put them under my breasts and then put my bra on. You will need to tidy it up then for a perfect fit. Would not be without them.”

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