If there's one thing that quarantine has taught us, it's that humans are wildly creative. When there's nothing to do, we find ways to make our own fun, and the internet has allowed us to share the outcome of all of that fun. The Getty Museum decided to capitalize on that creativity by issuing a challenge called the Getty Museum Challenge.

The game challenges you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home.

Choose your favorite artwork

Find three things lying around your house⠀

Recreate the artwork with those items

...and share it with us!

Y'all, people are very good at this challenge. With artwork ranging from illuminated manuscripts to Picasso, pop art to Michelangelo, people from around the world have shown up and brought their A-game. Join us to take a walk through this digital museum of homemade awesome. You'll laugh, you'll be surprised, you'll be impressed. It's definitely worth it.

We're starting with a bang!

This recreation features a lot of bread, pretzels, and some serious creativity. How did she get herself in there with all the bits?

Our first laugh of the museum is this fantastic woman lying in a pond.

This one took some serious commitment: it's only April, it must be chilly in there!

Best use of a mask in this quarantine so far.

Can't think of a better expression of this challenge than using your mask in the artwork. Truly impressive. This couple absolutely crushed the Getty Museum Challenge.

First of all kudos to all these doctors and nurses for all they're doing day to day.

Second, they absolutely killed this recreation of The Last Supper. They deserve a bit of fun in their day.

And best use of toilet paper goes to...

The tiny mustache really takes this submission to the next level.

The fancier the portrait...

The more impressive the recreation. I don't know if I even have that much stuff in my house.

This looks like a great way to get your fix of the outdoors.

AND represent the spirit of the American people. Plus everyone is in quarantine so no one can look at you weird when you roll up to the lake with a dinghy and an American flag.

Get the whole family involved!

I can't help but imagine how much time they spent staring at the picture and arranging each person's limbs.

I am screaming at this one.

The man playing "the head" is really selling his role. The tongue is the perfect touch.

You know we had to get some Frida in here.

If you don't have the right background, stuffed animals are a great replacement! No one will notice

What's cool about this one is that the recreator painted the background.

AND used her own face as part of the artwork. It's a double dip of talent.

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

It's a bold choice to try to make your face into a Picasso painting, and this man has made a truly valiant attempt.

We're all feeling a bit moody like this painting right now.

But these three took it to a whole new level with their recreation.

What even...?

How does she look SO MUCH like this painting? Seriously, most of these recreations are fun and cute but this one is just unnerving.

These twins are making us see double.

What a cool way to use sisters who look alike. It came out amazing!

Everything about this image is perfect.

From the ski suit to the random implements death is holding as scythes, I stan.


What an amazing recreation of the belly. And truly, a glorious fashion statement.

The best part about this one is the caption.

"Non-compliant hamster" is the name of my emo rock band.

I want to know what she used for the hat.

There's some serious volume happening there, and I mus know how it happened.

If you happen to have a full ballet costume laying around...

This is the perfect painting to recreate! She even got the angle of the feet just perfect.

I'm loving the inclusion of kids in these paintings.

Trick your children into thinking it's Halloween in April and earn yourself a few extra hours of peace.

People have also gotten creative with their medium.

This Lego creation is quite impressive, especially considering the fact that it was made by kids.

Charlie the hamster is living out his dreams here.

He has become the mighty hunter in the jungle he always wanted to be. We love you Charlie.

Another headless man!

We have some impressive photographers really capturing the feel of the lighting in these paintings.


You ARE the Monarch of the Glen sir, and we bow before you. The pajamas are the perfect touch.

I'm not sure what this says about Jackson Pollock...

But this pizza does 100% look like one of his paintings. A truly creative take on the challenge.

This might be stretching the definition of "art"...

But a drawing of a penis tree is art to someone and this is one of the funniest things we've seen all quarantine.

It's not all paintings.

This person took on the challenge of a statue and nailed it. This monkey has a powerful energy.

Another entry in the "toilet paper" category.

This one managed to capture the beauty and simplicity of the original, which is not something I expected to write about toilet paper.

And last there's this absolutely unnerving doppelganger.

They have to be related, right? This can't just be a coincidence. This is the same person. Enjoyed this list? Stay tuned for the worst and most hilarious quarantine haircuts...