Footage has emerged from an episode of The Ellen Show showing Ellen Degeneres brutally calling out an audience member for "stealing from the show."

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, you'll be more than aware of the allegations that have been surfacing against Ellen DeGeneres.

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The talk-show host simply can't catch a break right now.

But footage from one of Ellen's shows has resurfaced recently...

And it shows the controversial star bravely calling out a member of the audience for stealing. But firstly, let's take a look at Ellen's last few turbulent months...

Although Ellen appears to have a warm and bubbly demeanor while on-screen...

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Her off-screen character is apparently a little less favorable thanks to recent accusations.

Various stories that detail Ellen's true character have circulated online for years.

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Though she has built her on-screen persona around being outspoken against injustice and generous to the needy, many people have claimed that, in real life, she is quite the opposite.

Those who have met the star have claimed that she is nothing more than another power-hungry, self-centered celebrity.

Which is certainly a far cry from the relatable and humble TV host we all know and love... Or we thought we knew and loved.

And, in recent years, Ellen's image has been questioned more and more.

Cracks have certainly begun to show, and rumors of the somewhat nastier personality behind the famous smiling blonde-haired, blue-eyed face have been intensifying.

Ellen's mask has slowly been slipping...

Just take Dakota Johnson's painful appearance on The Ellen Show, for example, where the host rather childishly accused the actress of not inviting her to her Malibu birthday bash. Dakota had in fact invited Ellen, and when she challenged this, you could just see the panic in her eyes after being caught out. It makes for a cringe-worthy watch.

Evidently, people who know the host have been growing tired of her flawless persona...

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And, for many years now, a number of different former employees have been attempting to expose Ellen for who she truly is.

Twitter user, Kevin T. Porter, took to the social media platform with the task to expose DeGeneres.

And vowed to donate $2 per awful Ellen story to the LA foodbank. It's a win-win, especially with the high volume of responses that he received. We collected a few of the best ones for your reading pleasure...

The way she treats her staff is crazy...

This woman claims that her friend used to work as a writer on the show and, in the whole 2 years of her employment, Ellen didn't greet her once. In fact, none of the staff were allowed to speak to the star of the show. Apparently.

Staff weren't even allowed in the same room as her.

Wow, we really aren't worthy, are we?

There was the time she bullied Mariah Carey into admitting she was pregnant on The Ellen Show.

Okay, we all remember this one. In an episode that made us all want to claw our eyes out, an uncomfortable Mariah Carey was quizzed by Ellen on whether or not she was pregnant. And, when the singer wouldn't give an answer, Ellen wheeled out a bucket of champagne and pretty much forced a glass into her hand, stating, "Let's toast to you not being pregnant if you're not pregnant." Not your finest hour, Ellen.

And she reportedly sacked someone for talking to her too much.

This Twitter user came forward with a damning story that, after a mildly autistic employee talked to and simply looked at the host too often, he was fired.

Ellen doesn't want any of her celebrity buddies to mingle with the common folk.

Ellen has notoriously sucked up to the rich and famous for years, and apparently she wants to keep them all for herself. When Russell Brand wandered into the employee break area to chat with the crew, Ellen apparently got quite irritated and told him that he "doesn't have to interact with these people."

And the list really does go on and on, for example, staff members are reportedly encouraged to cheer Ellen up when she's in a bad mood.

There isn't enough money in the world that would ever encourage me to do that. Thank you, next.

There have been literally hundreds of people speaking out against the star...

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But why would so many people come out to make up stories about one person? Food for thought.

Yet, despite all the bad press, she has been continuing her daily talk show from the comfort of her own home... which has also ruffled a few feathers.

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Her crew were reportedly "furious" due to the lack of communication regarding their pay. And the main stage crew, comprised of roughly thirty people, were kept in the dark about issues like pay and working hours for over a month.

Things really aren't looking good for Ellen...

The Ellen Show's former associate producer has even spoken out about their time working with Ellen, describing her as living in a "privileged bubble."

But even though Ellen has become one of the most controversial names in Hollywood...

This hasn't stopped people from continuously watching and enjoying her show.

The Ellen Show has proven to be more popular than ever during lockdown...

And fans have been spending a lot of time rewatching some of her old episodes.

A certain episode has resurfaced...

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And it shows Ellen brutally calling out a fan for "stealing" from the show.

The episode aired back in 2017...

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And Ellen started the show by talking about the importance of trust (which is very ironic.) She said, "Before the show I put out some Ellen products with a sign saying 'Only one per person' and I just wanted to see how honest my audience was!"

Ellen then went on to reveal the undercover footage she had caught before the show...

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And fans in the audience were laughing and displaying their disbelief to see themselves on Ellen's screen browsing the free merchandise.

But the tone quickly changed when Ellen called out 2 women for taking more than one product.

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The camera shows 2 women browsing the merchandise as one of them slyly takes 2 different products.

It's quite an awkward watch...

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The woman in the audience is seen looking very uncomfortable as the footage of her clearly going back to take more freebies is relayed in front of her.

This must have been extremely embarrassing for the guilty woman...

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And things only get worse when Ellen decides to address the woman personally. "My sister couldn't come, so that was her souvenir," the woman says desperately as the audience laughs.

It's all very painful.

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"Yeah, a lot of people's sisters couldn't come," Ellen responds sassily. "Look, I like that you like the products a lot and that you wanted to bring one back for your sister but... when you go to Costco or when you go trick-or-treating at home, you don't just take the bowl and walk away!"

Ellen then takes things to a whole other level...

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"Listen, I'm sorry... that's embarrassing and everything but you know, let that be a lesson to you! You think nobody is watching you and you need to be a good person... so you can go and sit in that Ellen Jail over there right now!"

Yep, that's right.

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This poor woman is forced to walk in front of the audience and sit in this ridiculous "Ellen Jail". We can't imagine how humiliated she must have been feeling during this wretched experience.

Ellen seems to be absolutely loving the entire experience of ordering her audience members around...

And if this doesn't go to show her true personality, we don't know what will!