People Are Making 'Valentine's Trees' a Thing and We're Not Mad About It | 22 Words

Now that Christmas is officially over, it's time to take down the festive decorations and get back to your boring old life ... or is it? Not if we can help it.

Though cute Christmas merchandise is being taken off of shelves, don't worry, the internet has come up with the perfect replacement. Keep scrolling to catch a glimpse of their new holiday tree trend sweeping Instagram!

We're now well and truly into 2020.

Christmas is now over and the buzz of festive excitement seems to be dying down.

But I have some good news for you...

Instagram has decided that rather than being blue about the end of the festive period, we should start looking forward to a different occasion: Valentine's Day.

That's right folks, the next occasion on our list is February 14th.

For some, it may not be marked in your calendars because who really cares about spending an extra day with the person you already spend all year with, right? But I have a solution.

Maybe you could change it to the day you gift someone something special...

Like the incredible new trend for festive trees.

This should bring some extra excitement back into your life!

People around the country have decided Valentine's trees are a great idea. Here's a countdown of our faves.

10. The bright and bubblegum.

Loving those cute bear faces.

9. The festive red.

The bows have a really Christmassy feel.

8. The candy cute.

Looks good enough to eat!

7. The pastel fantasy.

Fancy a smooth?

6. The understated chic.

For those who want something a little lash garish.

5. The girly fantasy.

Perfect for those with kids.

4. The tall and skinny.

If you've got limited space, consider this petite tree.

3. The snow-kissed.

Bonus points for a super-cute dog.

2. The Christmas-inspired.

Only minimal redecoration required.

1. The up-close and personal.

With all this decorating inspo, you've really got no excuse not to set up a Valentine's tree! Fancy some more offbeat tree content? Scroll on for one with a surprisingly scary look!