People Are Making Whipped Strawberry Milk and It’s Easier to Make Than Dalgona Coffee | 22 Words

If you've been on the internet even at all this past month, you will have seen the whipped dalgona coffee that's taken over TikTok. But now people are discovering the whipped drinks don't need to stop there. Need some frothy inspiration? Look no further ...

Who doesn't love coffee?

In these trying times, it's getting us through the day.

The best thing about a cup of joe?

The possibilities are endless!

Whether you like something warm and plain ...

Or something uber-fancy - coffee will be there for you.

And since we're all stuck at home?

Well, we've basically all become baristas.

More time on your hands...

Means more time to get experimental.

And one trend that's basically taken over the whole world?

It comes from the wonderful world of TikTok.

The social media platform has really taken off during lockdown.

Where else could we all be this weird together - while still social distancing, of course?

It's got us all dancing.

Which is something we totally need right now.

But TikTok has also blessed us with something else.

A brand new way to enjoy our coffee!

You've definitely heard of dalgona coffee.

It's the drink that's basically the mascot of quarantine at this point.

And, perhaps surprisingly...

It's actually not that difficult to make!

You just need to take equal parts of instant coffee, water, and sugar...

And whisk them for all you're worth.

The added bonus?

It gives you a nice little arm workout, too!

Once you're all whisked up?

You'll be left with a delightfully frothy looking mixture.

You simply spoon this over your milk of choice.

And enjoy your sweet, frothy, creamy delight.

There's just one problem.

For people who don't deal well with caffeine, dalgona coffee is a no-go.

Meaning they don't get to enjoy these tasty whipped drinks taking over the internet.

Which is a crying shame.

Until now, that is...

One Instagram user has come up with caffeine-free Dalgona-inspired drinks that are taking over the internet.

But this strawberry one might be the best yet.

Have you ever seen a cuter drink?

No longer need we be a slave to coffee!

Although dalgona coffee will always have a special place in our hearts... Want more quarantine inspiration? Scroll on for a cocktail tutorial from none other than Stanley Tucci...