People Are Pointing Out The Difference Between Jill Biden’s Christmas Decorations and Melania Trump’s

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Since the Thanksgiving holiday is over, you know what that means – it’s practically Christmas. We hope you adequately stuffed your bellies with turkey and your trunks with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but now it’s back to reality for the next two weeks, until the next holiday food-induced coma.

The White House published some cheerful Christmas decoration pics, and everyone from suburban moms to hipster millennials began raising their eyebrows.

However, the difference between the Biden and Trump Christmas decor is striking…

Over the Trump years, people often questioned Melania’s decorations…

And wondered whether she really enjoyed decorating the White House.

One weird moment was Melania admiring this cutout of Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

People didn’t really get the reason why.

Okay, what about those weird red trees?

Yes! The weird trees. You know, those weird red trees Melania walked through like she was walking through Willy Wonka’s factory. The First Lady had this photograph on her Instagram page before later deleting it.

People were upset with Melania’s overall choices.

Well, they were a little bit creepy. This hallway of red trees and green carpet just kinda looks like something out of The Shining.

But this year, Jill Biden’s decorations got the internet talking for quite another reason…

Biden’s more traditional decor has attracted praise from the internet all around.

The Associated Press reports Biden was inspired by frontline workers during the pandemic.

“The things we hold sacred unite us and transcend distance, time, and even the constraints of a pandemic: faith, family, and friendship; a love of the arts, learning, and nature; gratitude, service, and community; unity and peace,” she shared.

“These are the gifts that tie together the heart strings of our lives. These are the gifts from the heart.”

Biden celebrated the unvelining by inviting a second grade class into the White House.

Because of her educational background, Biden read from her children’s book, Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops.

What do you think of Biden’s choice of decor?

And do you think it’s an improvement on Melania’s more avant-garde choices?