We all know the internet is great! It can offer hours of entertainment, from watching vlogs on Youtube to checking some tweets on Twitter. But a lot of us also know that the internet can be a weird and sometimes scary place. A place brimming with all manner of terrifying things, that make you want to dowse your laptop in holy water.

And the worst place for that kind of stuff is Reddit. Seems like that social media website has become something of a witch's cauldron when it comes to creepy content. And recently we discovered that there's a whole subreddit dedicated to images that are weird and unnerving.

Honestly, some of these pictures are straight-up cursed! So please make sure you have the guts to stomach these pictures before you scroll down. Because these are the most bizarre images that we wish we could unsee.

First up we have…um….

I don't know what to tell you. Why are they dressed like cockroaches? Why are they in a subway? This is the kind of picture that just makes you ask more and more questions.

​Does anyone need a TV?

Honestly I can see some artistic merit in this one. Doesn't mean it's not terrifying.

We all float down here…

This looks like it could have been ripped right out of IT: Chapter Two. Anyone else agree?

Well, how about…what even is that?

No, seriously, what is that? I haven't heard of a truck carrying guts around before. Is that a thing? Please tell me it's not a thing!

Mom! I want to meet the Rugrats!

On second thoughts, maybe not.

Who doesn't love babies?

Well, as someone who wouldn't class themselves as a baby fan, I think this looks horrifying.

Okay, this one is just creepy!

There's just something about blurred faces that's unnerving. It just doesn't look right.

Could it be Slenderman?

And here I was thinking old Slendy had gone out of style. Guess a classic never dies.

What a beautiful wedding ceremony…

I mean, with the current state of the world, this picture could be from last year.

Honestly, I find this one kind of funny.

I think this one looks a little silly. But someone thought it was scary. I mean, look at that ice burn!

Up, up and away!

Hard to see, but I think this guy just got kidnapped by a knife-wielding ghost. So…that's nice.

This one is just…ew!

I question a lot of things on the internet, but I have a feeling this thing doesn't like questions.

Fancy a bath bomb?

I think this is the new range by Lush. Doesn't it look wonderful?

The stuff of nightmares…

I wouldn't like to see that at the bottoms of my stairs.

Give us a smile!

I have a feeling that the artist was going for whimsical, but they ended up with nightmare fuel.

Fancy a smoke?

As a non-smoker this image gives me chills. Imagine the smell!

Let's go for a swing.

Okay, I feel like I know what happened here. But that doesn't make it any less cursed. Keep it away!

Photoshoot or a vegan's idea of hell? You decide!

Why yes, you look very beautiful…while you scrub your raw chicken.

Come into the garden…

If you're a weirdo like me, you'll know this is the British artist Salvia. If you're not a weirdo then this image is YIKES!

Not what she was expecting from eBay.

Personally I find this one terrifying, snapping turtles can literally kill you.

What kind of doll house is this?

My favourite part of this picture is the baby mannequin just scurrying away.

Why hello there…

What would you do if this suddenly came through your wall? Let's just say I'd give it my keys.

This might just be the worst one…

Why would you want that? Why?

Are you my mummy?

Honestly this one is actually awful. Imagine having to live in such conditions. These nurses are really the heroes.

How do you do fellow kids?

I don't know what it is, but I think there's something up with the kid in the middle.

Let's have a party…

Kind of reminds me of the ending of Muppets From Space.

What is it with the internet and dolls?

Like, why is this a thing? Who wants to look at this stuff?

Nothing to see here…

I feel like there's a cultural reasoning behind this. But I still don't understand why….

And now it's time for the obligatory scary clown image.

If you're scared of clowns I'm sorry. But what even is this thing?

Merry Christmas children!

Why did anyone think this guy looked jolly? Who was in charge of the Christmas party this year?