People Are Posting Funny and Cute Photos of Tibetan Mastiffs, and They Are Incredible | 22 Words

Tibetan mastiffs are a breed of dog like no other.

In truth, no-one actually knows much about this breed and how they came to be. The line of Tibetan mastiffs goes back so far that we may never know how the breed originated.

One thing we do know, absolutely, for sure, no question, is that Tibetan mastiffs are massive. 

Let's have a look at some, shall we?

Sheltering from the rain?

I guess if there was ever a breed of dog that could protect you from a downpour it would be a Tibetan mastiff.

Mans best friend.

I wonder if these 2 share clothes.

Trust me there is a mastiff under there...

Have you ever seen such a fluffy cuddly beast?

Who's a good boy?

That sure is one obedient Tibetan mastiff.

A little man or a big dog?

Seriously I don't think this Tibetan mastiff would fit in my tiny flat.

Windy day...

It's a good job this lady is anchored down by her massive Tibetan mastiff, wouldn't want to be blown away.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

I mean these Tibetan mastiffs don't half look like a pack of werewolves...

Happy chappy.

With the first fall of snow, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Beware of the dog.

I sure wouldn't want to get in a fight with a Tibetan mastiff... besides the fact that they're incredibly cute, I certainly wouldn't win.

The ultimate bodyguard.

You'll never feel more protected than you do when you have a Tibetan mastiff at your beck and call.

A lion/ dog cross.

Ever wanted Aslan as a pet when you watched or read The Chronicles of Narnia as a kid? Well, now you can, sort of.

Is it a rug? Is it a fluffy blanket?

Nope, it's the family Tibetan mastiff taking a snooze.

The best of friends?

It seems Gingers' best friend, Broley the border collie, doesn't know how to share...

Not quite the lapdog he had in mind.

I think this guy should probably invest in an extra sofa just for the mastiff.

Time for a haircut?

I'm not quite sure this Tibetan mastiff has been able to see where it's going for a while.

Tahoe's first Christmas.

Celebrating with a face full of snow.

"Are you sure we didn't adopt a bear?"

"Do you think I could ride him to work?"

Expensive taste.

It's no secret that Tibetan mastiffs are a pretty upmarket breed.

Shedding season.

He's a shell of his former self.

Cheeto dust fingers, probably.

Who could blame him?

"Who can make the glass frost up the quickest?" careful though, that glass is not shatterproof.

Lil baby.

Seriously though, how adorable is this Tibetan mastiff puppy dog playing in the snow?

After a trip to the salon...

Believe me, honey, it takes hours to get this kind of bouffe.

Hiding out.

You'd think it would get cold but I guess these dogs sure do have a thick coat of fur.

Hey, I'm just like you.

"I'll never be like you, never!"

Who's driving today?

"Okay fine, but I get to pick the music."

The three musketeers...

Well until she turned Kyle into that fetching winter coat...

Baby and the Beast.

The perfect child minder...

Seasons Greetings.

What a beautiful family of Tibetan mastiffs! Don't they just melt your frozen heart?

Oh, baby.

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