People Are Posting Their 10-Year Transformations And Here Are The Best Ones | 22 Words

As the year (and the decade) draws to a close, it's a time for reflection. And there seems to be no better, or more popular, way to do this than by comparing and contrasting. But some of the posts we've found are truly amazing.

These testaments to the human spirit, our ability to heal and grow, and to laugh at ourselves along the way make for some of the most heartwarming internet content we've seen. What a way to say goodbye to 2019!

2019 is coming to an end.

And as we prepare to enter the '20s (yikes) we also look back on the events of the decade.

In some ways, it's hard to deny things have gotten worse.

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This comparison just makes us sad!

In other ways, things haven't changed at all.

Ok, ok, we get it Reese!

Others have shared some pretty funny comparisons.

In a way, the last decade had made something of a trashcan of us all.

But some of these comparisons are just incredibly heartwarming.

And we've collected some of the best. Here are the 10-year challenges that will truly make you proud to be a human.

30. A true transformation

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Being able to live your truth is a true glow up.

29. A happy ending

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Major props to any guy who's an unabashed cheerleader for his wife, too.

28. Confidence is key

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It's hard to deny that smile.

27. What a glow up!

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Puberty was definitely kind to this guy.

26. Coming out

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The true joy of being able to be yourself can be seen in this smile.

25. That hair!

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Happy to know that some things never change, though.

24. Recovery

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Health is happiness, as this guy proves.

23. Healing.

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We have to commend this young lady's bravery.

22. Stopping hiding

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It's amazing how you can really see the difference in peoples' smiles.

21. Embracing aging

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She makes gray look good. 

20. Growing up

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It can be comforting to think of how your past self would see you now.

19. Woah

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We guess ten years is a long time - but still!

18. Gaining perspective

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Maybe only by looking back can we appreciate where we are?

17. Big changes

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We can barely believe these 2 photos are of the same person!

16. That hair!

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It seems her conditioner discovery has paid off massively.

15. "Okie dokie."

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This one brings a tear to the eye.

14. Chilling out

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He looks much happier and kinder in 2019!

13. Workin' it

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From cute to handsome in just a decade.

12. True growth

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Many changes - but she's always had great glasses and lipstick game.

11. Blazer goals

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It only took her ten years to find her perfect jacket!

10. Keep exploring

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Seeing the world is what keeps you young at heart.

9. Several haircuts later...

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Honestly, what teenage boy didn't have these bangs in 2009?

8. Some things never change

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But hey, at least he's not playing it in 2019.

7. A big change

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But you can still see the resemblance between the two.

6. Finding your path

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The transition to adulthood is never easy - but discovering your passion is a huge reward.

5. More than just a haircut

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Finding your true gender expression is the biggest glow up imaginable.

4. Gains

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Discovering the gym clearly changed things for this man.

3. Subtle changes

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But still an undeniable growth.

2. Stay smiling

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We guess true love will do that to you!

3. The most important thing

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Feeling happier with the person you are now is truly the only real marker of success. We're proud of all of these transformations! Want to see more then-and-now pics? Scroll on for what all the people from your favorite memes look like now. Some of them are quite different.