These pictures are truly baffling when you first look at them. And some remain baffling for a while after until you figure out just what's going on. Seriously, it took me 5 minutes to realize what was actually happening in every one of these photos.

But one particular one has us all confused as no one can figure out how many girls are actually in the photo.

Take a look for yourselves...

Optical illusions always have us going:

And these pictures are some of the best.

Tiny cat.

No, this isn't a cat with very short front legs walking on its hind feet. It's a regular cat sitting with a sock draped over its back.

Long cow.

What does a long cow saw? Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I'll be here all week.

Bald party.

Unfortunately, contrary to appearances, this is not a party of bald men heading to the Bald Man Conference. It's one lonely bald man and three leather seats.

Are her legs okay?

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If you look closely, you'll see that this little girl doesn't actually have bizarre stick legs. She's just holding a bag of popcorn. But why does the popcorn look so much like the grass?

It's much less cute now that I know what it is.

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In what looks like a video game convention, a little dude in a white headset looks exactly like a dog facing the camera. But whether it's a dog or a boy, the only thing that really matters is if they're loyal, and this one sure looks to be.

You might fall in... to a story.

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It's almost mean of this picture-taker to not just take a picture of the library shelf with a hole in it. Why did you have to tilt the camera so it looked so other-worldly? Just to mess with me?

The dog head has something he'd like to say.

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Obviously, this picture is just taken at an angle where the dog's head is in front of his body, but man, imagine if it wasn't? Yikes.

Come on, I'm trying to drive here.

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I can't be peerin' over at a tuck, trying to figure out what's going on with the giant loaf of bread they've got in there! Traffic is bad and I've got to pay attention!

Is that you Ichabod?!

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After a few seconds, you'll probably notice that this is just a man walking around with his head down. But that doesn't mean it didn't activate your fears of having your head chopped off, does it? It didn't for me.

"Honey, what have you been feeding him?!"

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Here's one of my other greatest fears — I'd just be walking through my normal, human-sized house, and then BAM — this giant dog head bursts in, and I have to process the idea that dogs are giant now and nothing in the world makes sense.

"I thought we said we weren't inviting Alf anymore?"

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Man does that lady's head in the bottom right corner look like a terrifying Muppet monster. I'm glad everyone at this event noticed it was a lady with her head down before they took up pitchforks against it.

This dog is prepared for chemical warfare.

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We have once again been tricked into thinking a dog being examined by a vet is in fact wearing a gas mask. Let's all resolve to never let this happen again.

Um... What's going on?

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Imagine walking into some normal place — like, say, a hospital — and seeing that looking back at you? If she doesn't want to be accidentally attacked, this lady needs to throw away her glasses and, preferably, her hair.

Did someone forget their leg?

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Where's that leg coming from? It looks like there's a single solitary leg riding this train? More importantly, does a single leg have to pay the full fare?

Tell your children you love them, for this is the end of the world.

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Okay it's actually just reflections of the hotel room lights in the window, but what if it were aliens coming to destroy the planet? We should all be living our lives as though aliens are coming to destroy the planet.

This cat approves.

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I'll just spoil the illusion up top — it's a guy rocking out with devil horns and not a cat in this image. But imagine if there were just a stoic cat watching a rockin' heavy metal show? What a cool cat that would be.

Is the sky glitching?

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This stealth bomber makes it look like the sky is made up of pixels and some of them died and now we have to take the sky back to Best Buy.

The other, normal-sized girls must team up to defeat her.

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Would you rather fight one colossus-sized volleyball girl, or 100 volleyball girl-sized colossuses?

Oh no, am I crossing the River Styx?

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This human/ dog hybrid is known in many myths as Anubis, and they guard the realm of the dead. This Anubis, though, guards the bathroom on the train.

Don't worry!

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This dog is just covered in orange powder! They're not on fire! But this is a pretty lovely interpretation of what it's like when you come home from work and see your dog for the first time in a long time.

"You are at my mercy."

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One of those tourists got an email confirming they could switch to an earlier flight home, and to themselves, they said, "thank god." Then this powerful uber-child leaned over and said, "you're welcome."

Maybe she's born with it...

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This dog's long flowing locks are not its own, but instead belong to the girl sitting next to them on the dock. But this is the hair that dog would have if they would remember to condition.

Giant squirrel.

OK, no lie, this one took me a minute to figure out. But if you look really closely, you'll see that the squirrel is standing on a window sill.

Cut dog.

This dog was a log but now the dog is no longer a log dog. He's just a dog without a log.

Hand feet

When you glance quickly, it looks like this woman has hands for feet! But those aren't her legs. Those are the guy's arms.

Giant baby hand.

That baby could crush you with his giant hand. This is extra funny because not only does it look like the baby has a huge hand, but it also looks like the guy has a little tiny baby forearm.

How many of you are there?

But the most confusing illusion out of them all has to be this masterpiece created by Swiss artist, Tiziana Vergari.

The photograph uses mirrors and young girls to send out minds into meltdown.

Since the photo was posted on Instagram, thousands of social media users have taken the time to analyze the photograph and work out exactly how many girls are in the post, but there were so many different answers, we didn't know who would be correct.

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After some further investigating, we actually found out the answer...

There are only 2 girls in this photograph and apparently, both of them are the artist's daughters. Did you manage to work it out? Keep scrolling for more baffling illusions...