People Are Shaming Jenna Dewan Tatum's Sexy Photo for the Most Horrifying Reason | 22 Words

Jenna Dewan Tatum is attractive hot. This is an indisputable fact, like "the wind blows" or "the sun shines." Dewan Tatum might not be your particular cup of tea, but she is undeniably attractive by Western standards. Also, she's Channing Tatum's wife, which, in our eyes, makes her even more smoking.

Remember when she gave him that lap dance on "Lip Sync Battle?" Hot, right?


Bet you $100 bucks you can't do that. Lord knows we can't.

Other than being an incredible dancer and actress, Jenna Dewan Tatum is also known for her risqué Instagram posts.
Remember this picture? This one got her mom-shamed all up and down the internet.

And now, the haters are back at it again. You'll never guess what they're doing now...
This week, Dewan Tatum posted a picture of herself on Instagram. It was meant to celebrate her friendship with Jennifer Lopez, with whom she co-hosts the dance competition show World of Dance.

Dewan Tatum even said so on the post. She wrote, "Only @jlo can make a girl drop everything, put her favorite bodysuit on and take a spontaneous random picture in her closet using Kira Kira. I love these boots woman thank you! Jlo x Giuseppe."
Did that stop the haters? Nope, because they came out in full force.

Here is just a tiny sampling: phannmelissa said, "Why do you feel you have to be almost necked in your pictures. Your beautiful but please stop showing it to the world." Do you mean naked? Just checking.

Another hater had some head-scratching hateration to dispense. teresajb76 said, "Whatever, you are super vain, and uber in love with yourself. Quit trying to be selfless." That wasn't all...

Yet another hater had a very simple question. cdianarojas wondered if Dewan was "Desperate for attention?"

Well, she's a celebrity with a flourishing career, talented husband, and gorgeous family. Pretty sure she's not lacking...

And the most infuriating of all... trishbutterss wrote "Unfollowing. She’s a mother. No need for these posts." Wait, what?! So mothers can't be sexy?

It gets even worse. Not satisfied to be outdone, commenter lilee_x3 rolled in with this head-scratching question.
"DID CHANNING APPROVE OF THIS POST??" Say what now? Women now need permission from their husbands to post pictures on social media... of themselves? Excuse us while we go cool ourselves down, because we can't even right now. But it gets worse especially when you consider...
The haters were not only attacking her because they thought she needed attention, they were attacking her because she was a mom and a wife.

Two things: 1. Moms can be hot too. There is literally no law in the United States against that.

2. Jenna Dewan Tatum is Channing Tatum's wife – not his property. Those laws died years and years ago. Please step back into the 21st century and stop enforcing sexist ideals.

Thankfully, soon after seeing the trolls, positive commenters flooded Dewan's post. Commenter shloobrown@beccadeuchar said "what the hell. Mom goals."
Another commenter, amber_l_hill said "If I was married to Channing Tatum and looked like this, I’d be posting shit like this all the time. ?"

Another, kellytaylor4589 said "Absolutely gorgeous! And I think your an amazing woman mother and wife!! You rock@jennadewan!"
Finally, commenter lisajansen.cp had the perfect clapback for the trolls. "So she shouldn't be allowed to wear this because she is a mom.." she asked.
She then continued, "have you seen magic Mike? Why is it ok for a men to act sexy as a father but not for a mother! They are both sexy and should be able to show that off! ❤"

There's an old saying – "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." On that note, we leave you with this gif of Channing Tatum, MARRIED man and FATHER.

Weigh in. Do you think she crossed a line, or is it cool for moms to show what they've got?