People Are Sharing Horrific Stories of the Times They Tried to Cut Their Own Hair…and Failed Miserably

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STOP! Put down the scissors. Trust me — it’s not a good idea. We’ve all been there before, but save yourself the trouble and just go pay someone who knows what they’re doing to cut your hair. It’ll be worth it.

If I can’t convince you, then maybe Twitter can.

I mean, most of us want to hide inside for a week, but on our own terms. Not forced by bad bangs.

Which could be worse, but probably not the look you’re going for. Galifianakis looks like Kenny Loggins here. Danger zone!

Even Drunk Sophia was able to hold back the urge. If she can do it so can you.

If your own mother laughs that is a very bad sign. Time to shave it off.

You’ll either look like this old woman or get looked at like her. Not sure which is worse. Take these firsthand accounts into consideration.

I have never been in a situation where “code red” is a good thing. Heed the young lady’s warning.

It just kind of happens. But you must resist.

No one person should have all that power.

Even this person knows she did wrong. Even if she doesn’t care.

No bad news yet. So far so good…right?

Only you could’ve saved yourself, Esther. You were the chosen one!

But luckily after this you won’t fall victim to yourself.

Cutting your own fringe should have been left behind in 2008 along with MySpace and those Taking Back Sunday posters I used to have.

Even if it’s a sad one.