People Are Sharing Stories of the Worst Date They've Ever Been On | 22 Words

Chances are if you've been on least one date, you have also been on a bad date. I am not saying that all dates are bad. I am only saying that most of them are. Me, personally, my worst date was painfully boring, the dude and I had nothing to say to each other, and then at the end, he made me split the bill for two beers (we each had one) and a plate of shared French fries. We side-hugged and never spoke again.

And I got off way lucky! That is a super tame bad date compared to the nightmares on this list. Like, some of these traumatized me for life, and all I did was read about them. It seems like people all over the Internet (and honestly, mostly women) have unbelievable horror stories from dates they've had to endure. It is a wonder that women still agree to go on dates at all. These stories will make you scream and cringe and cry. Guaranteed.

We have this Twitter user to thank for the most horrifying thread in recent history:

We've all been on some bad dates, but somehow, each of these stories ups the ante in new and disturbing ways.

The unwanted house guest

But like...what? WHAT? Was that the date? I have so many questions, but I don't want any of them answered.

The unfortunate relation

This is terrible on so many levels. But I guess the being related to your date thing is the worst one.

The commitment freak

There is such a thing as being too committed. This is what it looks like.

The epic poet

At least 50 pages! How?! How could she write that much? And she really was going to read the whole thing...

The car accident

I am assuming the date ended right then and there. I don't know, starting off exchanging insurance information just doesn't sound very romantic to me.

The closeted man

Aw man, this sucks. Of course, he was cute and funny. But like, you gotta live your truth and all that.

The ax collector

There is so much going on in this one tweet, but the ax collecting thing is the perfect button. Just really ties it all together neatly.

The work buddy

Heck no! I am not waiting around for some dude I've never met to get off work. I barely do that for my fiancé whom I've been dating for over five years.

The Norman Bates fanatic

If this isn't the opening scene to a Psycho sequel, I don't know what is. This is insane.

The funeral date

What do you even do in this situation?! This is so uncalled for. So inappropriate. That's a total trap.

The catfish catcher

Call me crazy, but I don't think I would eat a catfish that had been languishing in a family's jacuzzi. No thanks.

The D&B wake

What sort of man would A- bring a date to the memorial of his ex-girlfriend who had died, and B- hold said memorial at a Dave and Buster's?

The selfish dud

Ew times a million. That is not OK. What a total misogynistic piece of crap!

The secret girlfriend

She'd been hoodwinked into shopping for his old girlfriend he's clearly still in love with! What! If that was a plot of a movie, I'd be like, "Nah. Too farfetched."

The horse roommate

Horse roommate. Horse roommate. Horse! Roommate! Also, his mom critiqued the paintings?! But also, horse roommate.

The date retraction

Ooooh, this is so infuriating I can't even. Just say you're not interested or a commitment-phobe, bro.

The accuser

This is hilarious. After accusing his date from stealing from him, he had the audacity to be like, "So this was fun, right?"

The gross ogler

What is wrong with men? Seriously. This is a rhetorical question because trying to answer it would literally take forever.

The secret *pregnant* girlfriend

Oh yeah, like it's the other woman's fault her boyfriend decided to go on a clandestine date. Cool cool.

The stalker

Um, no. Just no. What do you even do? Call the cops? Like, that's the only option, right? So incredibly creepy.

The serial killer

Yeah, maybe as a dude on a date, knowing how much violence against women happens every single day, don't talk about taking women into the woods and murdering them. Just a tip.

The skateboard model

I'm sorry, this is so funny. Why did he have that many identical skateboards? Is he a skateboard influencer?

The illustrator virgin

How... How do you not know what illustrations are? Did you ever see a children's book growing up? Are you aware of Disney movies?

The nose booper

Every single thing about this makes my skin crawl. Oh, this is the worst kind of dude. Well, one of the worst. There are a lot of worst kinds of dude.

The collaborator

"Hey, you're gross. But I think I could use you professionally." No thanks.

The straight-up racist

This is horrible. So cringe-worthy. Literally got a chill down my spine reading this.

The insensitive reader

Why would anyone do this? The only answer is that they are literally out of their mind.

The gross negger

Negging is nasty and gross and this guy was so bad at it that he was just insanely insulting. Dudes like this do not deserve your attention.

The happy ending

Whoa! Twist ending. This is actually a great one. Share this with someone who knows the pain of bad dates!