Parents spend a lot of their time repeating themselves. After a while, it can all start to feel like a blur. Wake up, make breakfast, pack lunches, sit in the school drop-off line, go to work, come home, make dinner, make sure homework is done, fight over bedtime– over and over and over again for at least 18 years.

You can't blame them for wanting to switch things up every now and again. One way to do that is to get a little creative with punishments. Sure, you've got all the old standbys like grounding them or sending them to their room, but there's a deep sense of satisfaction when you come up with a new punishment. My own parents were very good at this. I'll never forget the time I refused to eat dinner and instead sat at the dinner table for hours. When bedtime finally arrived, I thought I had escaped my fate, only to have my still-full dinner plate greet me at breakfast the next morning.

A recent AskReddit thread gave people the chance to share their own stories of unique punishments. I would definitely not want to mess with these parents.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

My sisters and I would have to memorize passages from Shakespeare together. It was horrible to be fighting and then sit together for half an hour or more memorizing and reciting until my dad returned. One wrong word and he'd leave us for a while. Probably the worst part is it made me hate Shakespeare.trinketsofdeceit

At least this one came in handy.

My best friend and I snuck out and walked to the nearby convenience store late at night in 6th grade. My father made me write a 20-page research paper on Watergate. I have no idea why he chose the topic but the knowledge has come in handy many times in my life.pandathrowaway

Your poor ears!

I had to kneel facing a wall while pulling my ears. If my ears weren’t red enough when they came to check on me then I had to stay there even longer.jesuschin

Nothing worse than grandma's disapproval.

In high school, my friend got caught smoking weed by his mom. His punishment was that he had to tell his 95-year-old strictly religious great-grandmother, who thinks weed is just as bad as heroin.jrob5797

Pointless, yet effective.

My parents would make my older brother and sister choose one of the Encyclopedias, turn to a random page, and start copying everything down until my parents told them to stop.brineakay

Talk about the punishment fitting the crime.

When I was 5 or 6 (def old enough to know better) I bit my older sister directly on the stomach. Left top and bottom teeth imprints; it wasn’t something minor. Mom grabbed a dog collar and leash then tied me to a doorknob for several hours. “If you act like a dog you get treated like a dog."jtd1537

This one's just hilarious.

When I was 4, my mother was fed up with my stubborn refusal to eat my sandwich at lunch one day. She picked it up, separated the two slices, and stuck it to my face. There was a moment of complete silence as I stopped whining and evaluated what she'd done. After that, we were both too collapsed with laughter to be mad at each other.bopeepsheep

The Solomon Solution.

My sister and I were arguing over some cheap plastic recorder (the musical kind, like a clarinet from hell for overtired parents). I wanted it because she wanted it, she wanted it because I wanted it... In the end, my dad walked up to us and settled it by breaking the recorder in half and handing us each a piece.Banannaball

Pure torture.

Forced to smell dog breath. Because "If we have to deal with the filth from your mouth, you have to deal with the filth from its mouth" It sounds funny, and it is funny looking back on it...but good god it was not funny then. I begged for almost anything else.elblurpo

This might actually be evil.

I threw a ton of glitter on my brother when he was in the bathtub. My parents bought a giant bag of glitter and dumped it on my bed. They made me count it and would not give me my phone or laptop back until I did.PoisonOfInterest

Holy smokes.

In Catholic school, a nun made me go out back in the convent and cut her grass with a pair of scissors. My thumbs were bruised for a week and hurt for days.PoisonOfInterest

This one is so sad. I hope he learned his lesson!

Not my punishment but my brother's. He was in Kindergarten and often got physical with other kids by pushing them and whatnot. After being told a couple of times by the teacher, my dad had had enough. When my brother and I got home from school he asked my brother to get his three favorite GameBoy games. I went upstairs as I suspected something terrible was about to happen. My mom and dad took my brother out to the garage, gave him a hammer, and told him to smash the games to bits. I could hear my brother screaming bloody murder and my dad yelling back to swing the hammer. After a couple of seconds and screams, I heard a ping as the hammer bounced off the plastic game laying on the concrete. Then another and another and yet another. I was absolutely petrified as I could hear my brother screaming in horror. He never lashed out again and I made sure not to misbehave as it mentally scarred me too just from hearing it.ValdBag002


A friend of mine recently told me that his mom used to have him kneel on uncooked rice when he did something wrong. Sounds miserable if you ask me.haleykays

This punishment would work on me today.

I loved reading as a kid, my father realized sending me to my room wasn't a punishment. My father is an English professor. He got good. After a while, my punishment wasn't to go to my room, it was watch c-span, I would have to watch politics for hours, and we would talk about it. I was one of the few, if only 12-year-olds who could talk about the Senate, the house, who is trying to push through what... As a grown up now, I'm thankful, as a kid, I was stunned — how did he come up with something so anti-useful.SaveJeph

It probably didn't take him long to figure out that he'd messed up.

When my dad was a teenager, if he didn't clean his room when his mother told him to, she would empty the contents of his room on to the front lawn for him to discover when he would get home from school.cloud_brick

Just imagining this makes me uncomfortable.

We would always be grounded from our rooms, not to our rooms. It was the worst. You don't realize how much is in your room until you aren't allowed to go in it.Austifox

The horror!

The Buck Rag. Still have nightmares. For those that don't know what a buck rag is, it's basically a rag or cloth that's been rubbed all over a billy goat. They're basically used for some purposes in goat breeding, so it's common practice for goat farmers to make these rags in the first place. They're stored in airtight jars so the strong smell doesn't escape. How this punishment would work is: The parent would take the child into the backyard, remove the cloth from the rag, drape it over the child's face so that it's draped over the child's nose and mouth, and tie a knot in the back so it stays in place. The child is then left like that for a few minutes, more or less depending on how severe the parents want the punishment to be. It caught on in some Southern towns in the '80s/'90s.barshems

I bet your teachers appreciated this one!

Essay writing. My dad is a graduate school professor and he made us write essays about what we had done wrong, why it was wrong, and what we should have done instead. We had to cite sources and use outside information/research. My dad would then read and correct the content and grammar of the essays until they were deemed satisfactory. We were basically grounded until the essay was complete and considered good enough. The worse the punishment, the longer the essay and the harder he critiqued it. For example, you left the dishes in the sink after being told way too many times? Pretty soon you were writing a short essay about germs and proper food handling, etc I remember specifically getting caught drinking in the garage when I was 16. My dad was PISSED and I had to write a 20-page essay about what the consequences of teenage drinking were to my 16-year-old brain, how much legal trouble I could have gotten into, and how much legal trouble my parents could have gotten into for allowing teenage drinking. Huge pain, but it got us thinking about topics we usually didn’t think too in-depth about, and it was better than having my parents yell and scream. Usually, by the end of the essay writing process, both parties would have chilled out and a calm discussion would follow.nonesjones

Way to ruin T-posing.

In elementary school, we had this one really strict teacher that would make us T-pose in the back of the room if we were being disruptive. Every one of us scoffed at the idea until about a minute in and your arms are killing you. Very effective punishment.silly_jimmies

I hope you have a strong stomach for this next one.

Didn't clean the dog poop up from the backyard. Dad warned us to do so several times. My sister and I didn't listen. Ended up being forced to clean the whole backyard with our bare hands one day. We became very well-acquainted with the various forms of dog poop: From the solid old ones to the sloppy fresh ones to the ones where the outside had been sunbaked dry but still had a gooey center...xPandamanx

Kind of random, but OK.

I was caught eating ice cream by my grandfather. He put a bird cage over my head and made me walk around the neighborhood.Bladvass67

I bet you never forgot again.

I was a 16-year-old girl. We had 4 cats. It was my job to care for them because I wanted them. But I'd often "forget" to clean the litter boxes and make someone else do it. Because it stunk and it was gross. Especially when one of the cats were sick. I'd been warned about it a couple times, but kept doing it. One day when I was at school, my mom moved all the litter boxes into my bedroom. She replaced the litter with a kind that doesn't reduce odor at all. She specifically told me I was not allowed to open windows and I had to sleep in there (couldn't go sleep on the couch). Oh my God. It doesn't sound like much but it was SO bad. I'd rather be spanked. It lasted for a week before she let me move them back out into the laundry room again.Lunamia

I actually like this one.

My dad once grounded me and in order to be free and able to hang out with friends I had to complete a 1000 piece puzzle.JakeotSooth

At least it was a nice bonding experience!

When I was a kid anytime my grandfather heard me say I was bored he'd make me read the newspaper next to him. After an hour or so of that, I would no longer be bored.Permafroster

This is Stone Cold.

I desperately wanted to order WrestleMania. I was a massive Hulk Hogan fan. Well, I was acting like a little brat and wouldn't stop. So, my dad ordered the WrestleMania Pay Per View. He sat in the living room and watched it and made me sit in the other room where I could just barely hear it but couldn't see it. He watched the whole dang thing and didn't let me move or ever see the screen. It was just effing brutal.dignified_fish


Mom always told us not to use too much ketchup because we always ended wasting a lot. One day I went overboard with the ketchup, again, and she made me eat all the ketchup I didn’t use with a spoon. Very effective.happilyconsuming

Nothing like a forced trip to the library.

Parents would lock the computer with a password that required me to go to the library and research random bits of information. Such as"The password is the capital of Kazakhstan."DiDalt

Tub time!

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“Shower Hour" Our schools had the online grade look up, so whenever a “0" was posted for any assignment, we had to sit in the shower for one hour. This was for each zero — Every day — til that zero was taken out of the grade book. Obviously, the water wasn’t on, you just sat in the bathtub with your school books and no phone, no music, no company, etc. I only had to do it once or twice, but my brother and sister had to do it much more often. –EloynRose

Reading this one made me gag.

I didn’t want to eat my cereal because I thought it was too soggy, so my mom made me sit there until I ate it all. Of course by the time I finally ate it, soggy was a distant memory. It was basically soup. When I eat cereal now, I can only put a tiny amount of milk. –AnwahsB

They totally called his bluff!

My younger brother wised off to my parents at the dinner table and slammed the door as he went into his room. My parents yelled at him to not slam the door and threatened to take the door off. He told them "Make my day." Moments later, my parents were both laughing and took the door off the hinges in front of my younger brother who had a look of shock on his face. Classic.SaveWatch Share this with your siblings and see if they remember your own weird punishments!